Old LoL Legendary Skins Are Getting Borders

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot is going to release borders for some of the older Legendary skins in LoL, such as Brolaf, Dragon Trainer Tristana, and Corporate Mundo.

League of Legends has a mountain full of Champion cosmetics and accessories. Skins, borders, emotes, and chromas are all in abundance and add depth to the game’s aesthetics.

Each champion in the game has multiple unique skins with alternative narratives, lore, and concepts. Some of the skins have their own shared universe. For example, Star Guardian, Dark Star, etc.

Every year Riot comes up with either a completely new line of skins or extends their existing pool of skins. This year, Heavenscale and Primal Ambush lines are coming as Lunar Year is a month away. Foreseen Yasuo is also revealed with the release of Season 2024 cinematic.

Project, Porcelain, Faerie Court, and Blood Moon skins are making a return as well.

Besides skins, Riot also adds borders. You can showcase these borders with the associated skin on the loading screen. These are of great value to the people concerned with collecting accessories.

In season 2024, Riot is going to release borders for some of the Legendary skins, which were released in the past. In this article, I will inform you about it.

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Borders for Old Legendary Skins are Coming in 2024

Recently, in the Look Ahead dev video for the season 2024 overview, Riot announced the skins that are going to receive borders. The skins are:

1. Brolaf

Brolaf Splash Art
image credit: Riot Games

2. Dragon Trainer Tristana

Dragon Trainer Tristana’s border has already been revealed, as you can see below

Dragon Trainer Tristana Border
image credit: riot games

3. Corporate Mundo

Corporate Mundo Splash Art
image credit: riot games

Brolaf is the most popular skin of Olaf and Corporate Mundo, after the rework, looks wonderful. So it makes sense for Riot to choose the fan-favorite skins to release the borders for.

These skins were released before Riot officially brought to life the concept of skin borders. Therefore, they are adding the borders for the older ones to do them justice. It also increases the value of the skin in a marketing way.

When Will the Borders Get Released?

Brolaf and Corporate Mundo’s borders do not have a fixed date yet for release. However, the skins lead team has stated that the border for Dragon Trainer Tristana would be here in a few days.

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