Octopath Traveller II: All PlayStation Trophies

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Credit: Square Enix

Keep reading to learn about all the PlayStation trophies you can unlock for Octopath Traveller II.

Octopath Traveller II is the sequel to Square Enix’s hit 2D turn-based JRPG title – Octopath Traveller. Despite being a sequel, Octopath Traveller II is a standalone title featuring a new cast and storyline. The story takes place in the fictional continent of Solistia, with players experiencing the journey of eight different adventurers.

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Each of the eight characters has unique skills and abilities, a character-specific background story, and a purpose for traveling around the continent. Since the story is set in the industrialization era, you can use steam-powered ships to freely embark on a journey across the seas and explore the world.

Octopath Traveller II: All PlayStation Trophies
Credit: Square Enix

And during the course of your journey, you’ll meet plenty of interesting characters. Some of these characters may even join your cause. Moreover, you can also interact with people around the towns you visit to gather information and learn new things about the world. Not only that, but you will also get the opportunity to cross paths with other main characters.

Since Octopath Traveller II features a turn-based combat system, you can exploit the enemy’s weakness to break through their defense and accumulate boost points, which allows you to perform extra moves during your turn.

Having said that, plenty of PlayStation trophies in Octopath Traveller II are tied to battle achievements and exploration. While a good portion of the trophies can be unlocked by simply completing the story, it is possible to miss out on some hidden trophies that require more effort. We have prepared this guide so you don’t miss out on any of the trophies Octopath Traveller II offers.

All PlayStation Trophies for Octopath Traveller II

There are 33 PlayStation trophies for you to unlock in Octopath Traveller II. Among them, 6 are Bronze trophies, 23 are Silver trophies, 3 are Gold trophies, and 1 is a Platinum trophy. Moreover, of these are Secret/Hidden trophies. We’ve listed all of the PlayStation trophies and their requirements below.

Trophy NameHow to UnlockTrophy Type
First BreakBroke an enemy for the first time in battle.Bronze
Max BoostActed at maximum boost for the first time.Bronze
A New SkillA New SkillBronze
The Journey BeginsEmbarked on a journey.Bronze
Setting SailRode the ferry to a new land.Bronze
Octopath Traveler…?Brought along four townspeople at once.Bronze (Secret)
Eight TravelersGathered all eight travelers.Silver
An Answer, a JourneyCompleted Osvald’s story.Silver
Eir’s ApothecariesCompleted Castti’s story.Silver
The Collar RemovedCompleted Throné’s story.Silver
Protector of the IslandCompleted Ochette’s story.Silver
The Road to ProsperityCompleted Partitio’s story.Silver
Agnea the StarCompleted Agnea’s story.Silver
The Truth Lies in the FlameCompleted Temenos’s story.Silver
Clear SkiesCompleted Hikari’s story.Silver
Master of Your CraftLearned a job’s divine skill.Silver
EX Skill MasterLearned all EX skills.Silver
Job MasterLearned all secondary jobs.Silver
Master of SolistiaTraveled to every location on the map.Silver
Hard HitterDealt 9,999 or more damage.Silver
Battle-Tested GearObtained all battle-tested equipment.Silver
Informed AdventurerGleaned information from 100 townspeople.Silver
By the Light of the HeartCompleted Agnea and Hikari’s Crossed Path.Silver (Secret)
The Detective and His AssistantCompleted Temenos and Throné’s Crossed Path.Silver (Secret)
A Peaceful Little ForestCompleted Castti and Ochette’s Crossed Path.Silver (Secret)
Mysteries of the Night SkyCompleted Osvald and Partitio’s Crossed Path.Silver (Secret)
Dawn BreaksReturned dawn to the world.Silver (Secret)
Record CollectorObtained all records.Silver (Secret)
100 Out ColdSoothed or knocked 100 townspeople unconscious.Silver (Secret)
Octopath TravelerApproached the end of your journey.Gold
Worth the DetourFinished all the side stories.Gold
Gate to the NetherworldDefeated the netherworldly threat.Gold (Secret)
A Story All Your OwnUnlocked all trophies.Platinum
Octopath Traveller II PlayStation Trophies

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