Nintendo Switch Sports: How You Can Do A Perfect Rocket Serve Tennis

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Here is how you can do a perfect Rocket Serve in Tennis.

Nintendo Switch Sports is a game that has attracted all the long-time fans of the Wii. Nintendo Switch Sports brings a new meaning to playing sports on a console, from going 1v1 against AI to playing with your friends. Currently, there are around six games to choose from in the Nintendo Switch Sports, and more to come.

There are different tactics you will have to use to win each game. Just like that, if you are confused about how you can do a perfect rocket serve in Tennis. Moreover, below we have made a complete guide on doing it.

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How to do a perfect Rocket Serve

Each game in Nintendo Switch Sports is different, and for each, you will need to have a different tactic. There are special moves you can perform in each game and before taking on your friend in Tennis. It will be helpful if you become familiar with the sport. If you are looking to score in Tennis, one of the easiest ways is doing a rocket serve which the opponent cannot handle. Using it, you will catch your opponents off guard and get many points.

 Tennis in Nintendo Switch Sports
Credit- Nintendo

Performing the rocket serve, however, needs some practice and precision. On paper, it might sound easy, but without practice, you will not be able to do it. To do the rocket serve, first, you will have to make sure the ball reaches the highest point in the air and then hit it during that brief moment.

If you hit it exactly at that moment, the ball will go at a lightning-fast speed which your opponent will not be able to handle easily. Of course, your opponent can use this tactic against you. So being quick on your feet and guessing where they can hit the ball is important in Tennis.

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