NICKMERCS Thinks Slide Canceling is “Ridiculous” and is Happy About its Absence in Modern Warfare 2

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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NICKMERCS has shared his take on slide cancel’s removal from Modern Warfare 2. He expressed his satisfaction over the absence of the debated mechanic from MW2.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the direct sequel to the hit game MW (2019). The game is also borrowing most of its mechanics from its predecessor. However, Infinity Ward has decided to remove one of the most debated mechanics from MW2.

Slide canceling has been a widely debated mechanic since the inception of MW (2019). It gave birth to the TTV and “Smoothment” players who use slide cancel to break camera angles. Nonetheless, Infinity Ward has surprisingly taken this popular feature out of their most anticipated game of 2022.

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NICKMERCS on Slide Canceling

The decision to remove slide canceling came out of nowhere as there were previous claims of it being a staple feature in future CoD titles. Unfortunately, IW removed the game’s feature to prevent players’ camera angles from breaking and enforce a beginner-friendly environment.

In a recent video, NICKMERCS went on to address the situation. He started out saying that he was not a fan of slide canceling. He added, “I think pressing in your analog down like that every two seconds, a thousand times a day is ridiculous. However, people that act like it’s not a skill gap are dumb.”

The clip demonstrates how slide canceling works. The player in the video showcases what the whole “TTV” playstyle is about. This excessive slide-canceling has added to the debate of whether it’s a beneficial mechanic or not. However, many players would argue that a strong aim and positioning are also important to be a good player in Warzone.

NICKMERCS explained how a simple movement mechanic divides the players into a casual and competitive standpoint. While this might seem like a skill gap issue, it’s annoying for casual players to deal with pumped-up “smoothment” kings who mash their controller buttons without thinking during a gunfight.

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