NICKMERCS Shares His Overall Take on the New Warzone Fortune’s Keep Map

NICKMERCS is slowly making his return to Warzone content after taking a hiatus from the game. In a recent video, he shared his take on the new Warzone map.

Call of Duty: Warzone started its new map journey with Verdansk 84′ and Rebirth Island. Both maps were part of BOCW’s life cycle. Verdansk 84′ was the revamped version of Verdansk. On the contrary, Rebirth Island was the first small map of the game.

Presently, Caldera is one of the ongoing maps for Warzone. The map was originally a part of Vanguard’s Warzone integration. However, Raven decided to add a new resurgence-themed map with the start of season 4. The new map Fortune’s Keep has been Raven’s big shot at shaking up the whole aura of the game.

Fans have welcomed the map with a pat on its back and shared their opinion. Likewise, Warzone’s most popular content creator NICKMERCS also shared his take on the map. Even though he expressed his satisfaction with the map, there is something about the map he dislikes. After a long break from the game, he seems to be slowly transitioning to regular Warzone content.

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NICKMERCS’s Take on The Map

In a recent video, NICKMERCS was seen playing the new Warzone map. He expressed his opinion about the new map stating that it is the best part of Warzone. In his words, “I thought it was vibey, you know? I like the terrain, I like the flow, I like the colors, I like the size as well.”

However, a few minutes into the video, his teammates ask him to drop into the Smugglers Cove area, which is interconnected with a network of underground caves. He backfires with his discontent about the particular POI. In his opinion, the underground cave is the most underwhelming part of the map, and he has steered clear of the area.

Smuggler's Cove
Smuggler’s Cove (Image via

The caves are full of gas canisters that ignite with gunfire. It is a choke point that might lead to a quick elimination due to a slight mishap. Although the area contains high-tier loot such as gas masks, navigating safely through the tight area underground is a difficult challenge.

To everyone’s surprise, the new map has managed to bring NICKMERCS out of his brief Warzone hiatus. Even though he is unhappy with some of Fortune Keep’s POI, his overall impression of the map is overwhelmingly positive.

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