New Warzone glitch is preventing players from throwing C4 through broken windows

This weird Call of Duty: Warzone bug has made it impossible to throw explosives out of windows.

Call of Duty: Warzone remains as one of the most popular titles in the Battle Royale scene, with players continually dropping in Verdansk in search of a win.

However, new bugs and glitches continue to plague the game, ruining the overall experience for everyone. Unfortunately, Warzone players have found yet another issue that is interfering with their gameplay. This new bug is stopping players from throwing C4s through windows even when they are broken.

As shown in the clip above, the windows in Warzone season 2 seems to be dysfunctional. There seems to be some sort of an invisible obstacle, preventing items to be thrown through these windows.

Player benjigoodson can be seen shooting through a broken window when another enemy closes into his house and starts firing. The player inside then tries to throw a C4 through that window, which unfortunately just gets stuck mid-air between the window. It just gets worse for benjigoodson, as the explosion from the C4 takes him to a DBNO state.

More Warzone players are now reporting that the windows are preventing them from pinging locations and sometimes even block their shots.

Raven Software recently addressed the sniper-optic glint bug; however, they have yet to respond to this new glitch.

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