New Par Patroller skin is in The Fortnite Item Shop

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Fortnite Par Patroller skin Credit: Epic Games

Note: The article was published in 2020.

New Par Patroller skin just got added to the Fortnite item shop.

Fortnite updates their item shop daily with new skins and emotes. But every few days we get something new. Just yesterday we got the famous tik-tok Renegade emote in the item shop.

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New Par Patroller Skin

Epic Games added a new skin today called Par Patroller. Just from the name, you can probably guess the skin is Golf themed because Par is a term used in Golfing. The Par patroller skin was added to the item shop today on 19th July.

Leakers leaked this skin during the 1st week of Chapter 2 season 3. We also knew the price was going to be 800 VB because the rarity was green.

The name of the matching pickaxe is called Hook Slicer. It is also in the item shop right now. You have to buy the pickaxe separately and it costs 500 VB.

You can gift the skin and the pickaxe to your friends for the same price.

The Fortnite Par Patroller skin looks very clean so a lot of players might like this skin. The low price of the skin could also be a reason for more people getting it.

Other Items:

The other items in the item shop are


Last Seen:

Ravage- 40 days

Raven- 40 days

Black Manta- 3rd day

Manta Blades- 3rd day

Feathered Flyer- 40 days

Iron Beak- 40 days

Never Gonna- 37 days

Double Cross- 24 days

Studded Axe- 7 days

Focused- 18 days

Paddle Royale- 31 days

Flower Print- 380 days

Apart from Par Patroller, Hook Slicer and Flowerprint we had everything in the item shop recently.

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