Nessies are Slowly Taking Over the FF7 x Apex Legends Crossover and Players Don’t Know What to Do

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Nessie has finally emerged from her depths in Apex Legends, and let’s just say they’re not here to party.

With the latest crossover event, players were hyped up to wield the iconic Buster Sword from Final Fantasy. However, as the event progressed, Legends were quick to realize that the threat wasn’t from sword masters swinging in full force. Nope, the real terror on the Kings Canyon landscape is the apex predator we knew all along, Nessie.

It seems that the top dog in the Outlands wasn’t the pro players or the extreme grinders, as nobody is safe from Nessie’s hunting prowess. Moreover, the Apex Legends community has reported multiple sightings of these silent and cuddly killers. The last thing you will hear is their adorable little squeak as they chase you down and take you out!

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Wait, How Do You Spawn the Killer Nessie in Apex?

In the FF7xApex Legends crossover event, the LTM has something special. Alongside the Buster Sword R2R5, there are Materia hop-ups scattered around the map. Among these, the Red Materia hop-ups give you the ability to summon these viciously cute killers. These adorable mid-sized plushies will be equipped with weapons and will automatically hunt your foes down with impeccable accuracy and speed, as demonstrated by u/zchadow_ on Reddit and YouTube.

No way.. 6 Nessies phase through door and finish me for the Victory
byu/zchadow_ inapexlegends

The chaotic nature of the game mode allows the community to enjoy the game for what it is: a fun battle royale with silly gimmicks. Squads are actively using Nessie fire teams to take over the map. With emotions running high, users did share their frustrations towards the cuddly killers.

Nessie, a menace of the outlands
Nessie, a menace of the outlands

The Buster Sword is NOT the problem in this LTM.
byu/da_Aresinger inapexlegends

Nevertheless, everyone is enjoying the chaos and the event in general. The Nessie onslaught might be overwhelming, but there is humor in the chaos. Every once in a while, a bit of silliness just eases the mood before we go back to our regular schedule of skilled-based matchmaking!

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