Apex Legends Just Introduced a Common Heirloom that Can be Used by any Character

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: EA

With the new Apex Legends x Final Fantasy Rebirth Event, there is now a common heirloom usable by any legend.

Apex Legends has been the leading Battle Royale game in the gaming community for a while. Unlike its counterparts, Apex is a fast-paced game with legends’ abilities augmenting the experience but not overly defining it. Each character adds some depth to the world, with some players attuning to their personalities. The cosmetics in the game add to this, with each legend having their own set of unique cosmetics, particularly heirlooms.

For the first time, Respawn has added a common heirloom in Apex that can be used by any legend. With the new Final Fantasy Rebirth Event, the Buster Sword R5 has been added in both a themed BR Takeover as well as through event packs.

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What is the New Common Heirloom item in Apex?

The new Buster Sword will be very recognizable to Final Fantasy fans. Well, Apex players can now wield their power in one of two variants. Players can find the Buster Sword R2R5 with multiple gameplay abilities in the BR Takeover. These range from having light & heavy attacks blocking, and dashing. The other is the unlockable Buster Sword R5.

How to Get the Buster Sword R5?

To get the unlockable variant, you have to unpack the event packs. Remember, unlike other Collection Event Heirlooms, it is not the final reward. You will randomly get the Buster Sword R5 in one of the event packs.

How to Get the Buster Sword R5?

Unlocking the weapon will make it a Universal Mythic Melee Cosmetic. In simpler terms, it’s an heirloom for everyone. Players can equip it in place of their fists and have a giant sword ready to defeat every enemy.

Will it be Available After the Event Ends?

Will it be available after the Event Ends?

Respawn has stated that the sword will not be coming to the Mythic Shop after the event ends. This is the first time Respawn has added an heirloom tiered melee weapon available for every legend in the game. So, something like this might not return in the future. So, If you want it, you have to try your luck!

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