MultiVersus: How To Increase Rank MMR

MMR shows your compatibility with other high-class skilled players. The higher your rank, the stronger your opposite player will be! So get ready; this guide will show you how to increase your MMR.

19 playable characters from Warner Bros., DC Comics, Carton Network, and many other famous brands are available in the fantastic new game MultiVersus. You can play by yourself or with your pals. In MultiVersus, you can increase your MMR, which is Match Making Rating.

The higher your MMR is, the more challenging your opponents will be. MMR gives the decision about who will be fighting or combating you in the ring. You can check your MMR in the Leaderboard option. If your MMR is high, your opponents will be more skilled, and you will have fun defeating them!

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MultiVersus: How To Increase Rank MMR

How To Increase MMR

To increase your MMR, you may follow the steps below:


You can heal yourself after a fight or recover your teammate after getting heavily damaged. In addition, healing can increase your MMR stats.

Deal Damage

In a fight, players must damage their opponents as much as possible. Dealing with high damage in the combats can also increase your MMR.

Win Rates

Win more matches to increase MMR the most. Winning games can give you all kinds of benefits in MultiVersus, including improving your MMR. So, players must be cautious and stay focused while fighting others in a battle because higher winning rates can increase MMR stats.

MultiVersus: How To Increase Rank MMR


Players may showcase good performance and moves in a battle or combat to increase their MMR. Or, they can also take on damage to heal later. Healing can also result in increasing MMR.

These MMR-increasing techniques have not been confirmed right yet. But you can try all of them and try to win more matches to stay safe and increase your MMR.

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