Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta Rewards Teases Two New Weapons

The MW2 open beta rewards contain two new weapon blueprints. These weapons seem like the newest addition to the title that was not previously present in MW (2019).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has had massive hype since its worldwide reveal in June. The game’s open beta will allow players to test out the game for the first time. Furthermore, the open beta is set to feature the new game modes coming to MW2.

MW2’s early access and open beta will go live for PlayStation players first, then simultaneously for Xbox and PC platforms. Players can claim some open beta rewards by meeting specific requirements in the game. Among the rewards, a Reddit user spotted two new weapons, leading to major speculations about the new additions to the game.

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MW2’s New Weapons

A Reddit user named, WZHUB created a thread pointing out the two new weapon blueprints and asking what weapons they might be.

The thread generated a surprising amount of traction as these weapons were not present in MW (2019). Many users were quick to share their own takes on what weapons they might be. u/Rob095ert came forward with a reasonable answer, pointing out that these weapons might be an ACR and a Carbine Kit for Glock.

Another user circled out a subtle hint from the blueprint’s name – “Side Impact.” The name suggests that the weapon might be a Glock sidearm with a Carbine conversion kit that allows the gun to be fired in automatic mode.

On the contrary, u/Thepancakeman35 pointed out that the rifle might be a SCAR-L. However, the SCAR was present in MW (2019), a completely different model from the one shown in the picture.

All these are just speculations at this point. The only way to identify these weapons would be to wait for the open beta. So, stay frosty and keep counting the days, as the MW2 open beta weekend is almost on the horizon.

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