Modern Warfare 2 might feature New Movement Mechanic

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s movement mechanics has been a matter of debate in the community. However, fans speculate that MW2 might feature new and improved movement mechanics. Here’s everything we know about it.

Modern Warfare has been a game changer for Call of Duty, the game introduced many new mechanics in their newly built MW engine. However, slide canceling was one of the mechanics the community has remained skeptical about. Strafing away from the traditional CoD movement, slide canceling and tac sprint have remained the two most controversial mechanics of the game.

Since its inclusion in MW, slide canceling has been an essential part of Warzone and latter titles, BOCW and Vanguard. However, it all might change with the upcoming MW2. Many rumors and leaks suggest that slide canceling might get opted out for traditional movement mechanics such as dolphin diving.

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Slide Cancelling removed from Modern Warfare 2

In a recent Reddit post, u/camanimal referenced FaZe Swagg and Zooma’s claim that slide canceling might have been scrapped from MW2. The user’s claim supports the community’s concerns as most players are unsatisfied with slide canceling.

The user also pointed out how slide canceling abuses cameraing to get an illegal advantage due to CoD’s poor net codes. However, slide canceling’s absence will create a slower gameplay environment making pre-aiming dominant and, in turn, punishing rush playstyles.

The majority of the comments in the thread seem to agree with the author, as they think slide canceling going away will make the game fresher and encourage intelligent plays in the long run.

One user pointed out that slide canceling should stay, however, after getting a proper nerf, it can sometimes become ridiculous

Aside from all the fiasco surrounding slide canceling, most of the community wants the devs to implement a balanced movement mechanic. As of now, we have to wait for MW2’s open beta to find out if slide canceling is present or gone for good.

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