MercenarieZ wins R6 South Asia Nationals Four Times in a row

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
3 Min Read
Image: MercenarieZbd

MercenarieZ have done it once again, winning Stage 2 of R6 South Asia Nationals closed qualifiers and remaining as the one and only team to claim this title.

With this win, MercenarieZ have increased their total Nationals win tally to four and will now advance to compete in the APAC Playoffs Stage 2, alongside the runners-up of KIRA E-sports.

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Stage 2 of SA Nationals saw the same two finalists of MrcZ and KIRA from stage 1 heading into yesterday’s grand finals. KIRA, who beat MrcZ in the upper bracket finals, already had a 1-map advantage advancing to the Grand Final.

But, MercenarieZ, who dropped in the lower brackets, weren’t ready to give up that easily. They swiftly beat Extraordinaire Esports in the LB finals and were fired up to get their revenge on KIRA.

Image: R6 Liquipedia

And MercenarieZ indeed completed their redemption in an enthralling Grand Final match, where they beat KIRA E-Sports 3-2 in a B05 series. The game went to the complete edge; however, MrcZ came out on top on the decider map of Clubhouse, winning it 8-6 in overtime. You can watch the complete match on Twitch.

Both MrcZ and KIRA will once again qualify for the APAC Playoffs, where they will compete with the 2nd-4th placed teams in APAC North and South a few weeks later. Both these teams will want to earn the ticket to the August Mexico Major, as well as the crucial SI points. KIRA E-Sports already bagged 115 SI points to their name from Stage 1 of Playoffs, so their dream of securing a place in the Six Invitational might not be very far away.

Both these teams have also secured a place for Stage 3 of SA Nationals closed qualifiers, so expect them to return soon in the future.

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