Mario Strikers Battle League: How To Join & Create A Club

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Credit: Next Level Games

You can join a club to play or create your own club label and own it! This guide will show you the path to joining or creating a club! Stay tuned.

Mario series has brought you the latest sequel, Mario Strikers Battle League, which will give you the ultimate football experience for life! In this game, you can choose any famous Mario characters like Princess Peach, Mario, Rosalina, and much more!

You can change your characters and gears, and also, you can customize your very own stadium. Moreover, you can play the game with your friends and join a club to play. To play in the first place, you have to enter the Strikers Club.

Not only that, but you can also create your club and take responsibility for all your club members! You can also decide who can be on your team or not. Joining or creating a club is an effortless task to do.

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How To Join & Create A Club

You can join or create a club after entering the Strikers Club mode.

Mario Strikers Battle League: How to Join & Create a Club

After that, you can quickly join or create a club in the Strikers Club option.

How To Join A Club

To join a club in Mario Strikers Battle League, you may follow the steps below:

Beginners Clubs

After joining the Strikers Club, you will see Beginners Clubs in this option. You may choose any club you want by looking at their information and Club Policy where you will learn about the particular club’s details like region, players, stadiums and all.

Roster & Condition

While you check out any particular club’s information, look for the Club Roster option to see if the club has under 20 members in number. Only then will you be able to join the club.

And about conditions, you may have to look at the information to go through the requirements. For example, in some clubs, you don’t have to send any joining request to join the club. Instead, you can join by clicking the joining option. And sometimes, you must send a joining request to the club owner to approve your joining request.

How To Create A Club

If you want to take responsibility for yourself, you can create your very own club by following the steps below:

Press Y

You can create your club by pressing the Y button in the Strikers Club section. After that, you will have to customize features like code, policy, etc., in your club.

Name Your Club

After creating your club successfully, you have to name your club as you like.


You can customize your club uniform, stadium, club policy, roster, and other conditions so that people can join your club. In addition, you can create the option where you will receive people’s joining requests, and you can approve them as you like accordingly.


Lastly, after creating your club, you can invite people to join your club by clicking the same Y button as before to display the joining code.

Mario Strikers Battle League: How to Join & Create a Club
Credit: Next Level Games

If you correctly follow the steps above, you can join and create your club instantly.

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