LPL Summer Split RA vs RNG Preview

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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In this article, we will preview RA vs RNG for their series tomorrow in the LPL Summer Split.

RA and RNG are in playoffs contention on 3rd and 7th respectively. RNG is looking to get a higher seed for the playoffs. Meanwhile, RA wants to secure their 3rd spot for the double-elimination stage of the playoffs. Both teams need a win, thus let’s jump into talking about the series.

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Previewing RA vs RNG

RA vs RNG is a big series for both sides. RA will want to win because they want to secure their playoff spot while getting a higher seed. Meanwhile, RNG also wants to get as many wins for the same reason. With both teams aiming towards the same goal, this is going to be a fun match.

The match-up is very interesting as roster-wise, the strength of the team matches up the weakness for both sides. Xiaohu vs Cube is going to be tough for Cube while Cryin vs FoFo would be a problem for Cryin. So far, RNG looks like they are getting back to their groove after MSI and RA have stabilized their form.

The key for RNG to win the game is the same as always. Xiaohu will need to be the main carry while Wei facilitates him. Also, Cryin cannot be in a deficit, and Gala and Ming will need to play well. The same can be said for RA except FoFo will need to be ahead and Leyan cannot make silly decisions.

Both teams are in form and this is going to be a really fun match to watch. RA vs RNG will kick off tomorrow as it was rescheduled due to the typhoon in Shanghai.

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