LPL Summer 2022 Playoffs Preview: Weibo Gaming vs LNG Esports

Weibo Gaming and LNG Esports play tomorrow in Round 2 of the LPL Summer 2022 Playoffs as we preview the series.

The second series of Round 2 is set to start tomorrow as Weibo Gaming, and LNG Esports face each other with a lot at stake. A spot in the Regional Qualifiers is up for grabs, with the potential to go further in the playoffs for a guaranteed Worlds spot. Thus, this is an essential series for both teams to win and at least lock in a spot at Regionals. Let’s talk about the series in greater detail.

Series Preview: Weibo Gaming vs. LNG Esports

Both teams come in with a different style to offer on the rift. As mentioned earlier, this series is more important for both teams than anything, as winning this series would give them the safety blanket of the Regionals to get to Worlds. Let’s start the series preview by talking about Weibo Gaming first and then moving to LNG Esports.

Weibo Gaming

WBG is an enigma of a team. At times, they look like they could beat anyone, and in other cases, WBG look like they could lose to anyone. However, they have been consistent in how they play the game. TheShy is their biggest X-factor as he tries to either will his team to a win or will his team to lose. That is the dichotomy of TheShy. He can be the best and the worst top laner on any given day.

What is interesting about Weibo Gaming is that while TheShy is so dominant and aggressive in lane, they don’t quite play towards that. In the later stages, SoFM did get more active as a jungler and tried to help his lanes out. However, the inconsistency is there, which needs to be cleaned up for the playoffs. Huanfeng and ON are a very strong bot lane, and Angel is a solid laner in his own right. However, Weibo’s hopes and dreams lay in front of TheShy and SoFM. If both of them are clicking, Weibo is a formidable team.

LNG Esports

One of the most inconsistent teams in the LPL has been LNG. They have been here before, where they start well and teether off or go through the ups and downs. A team touted to be a superteam has had a lot of issues. Going into the playoffs, they found some form and consistency and played well in Round 1 of the playoffs. However, it is still hard to trust them entirely.

Tarzan has been very inconsistent as a jungle, and Ale has been hit or miss. The team relies heavily on DoinB and Light to carry them over in most games. Their recent win against BLG shows their capabilities but indicates they have a way to go. If they come at peak form, they could very well beat WBG and go further into the tournament.

Series Breakdown

Both these teams played in the last week, where LNG got a convincing win against Weibo Gaming. However, if anyone knows what WBG is as a team, they have a different form on any day. They could show up and stomp a team like V5 or lose to anyone below them at any series. It will be a test of how prepared Weibo Gaming is for the series.

LNG, on the other hand, have some momentum going for them. They have played well recently and have a decent shot at winning against Weibo. It will all about Tarzan and DoinB getting advantages through mid and pressuring the rest of the map.

Ale and TheShy will be the contested lane, but if TheShy comes to play, it will be tough to do anything against him. For us, this series should be a Weibo Gaming win, but we may have five games on our hands. With how inconsistent WBG is, LNG Esports could take advantage and get at least a game under their belt.

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