LPL Spring 2022 Week 8 Power Rankings

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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With just two weeks left for the LPL Spring Split, we are doing our last bi-weekly power ranking for the LPL regular season.

LPL Spring 2022 has been a joy ride so far with different teams at the top of the rankings currently. WBG and V5 have been great thus far and now RNG and TES are surging late in the split. Meanwhile, EDG, LNG, and BLG are falling apart in the second half of the split. Thus, we have done our bi-weekly power rankings in light of teams rising up and falling down. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Week 8 Power Rankings

The top 5 largely remain the same barring TES putting themselves in that position while LNG falls. Here is our infographic for the power rankings.

To note: This list does not take Monday’s games into account.

Only 3 teams have confirmed playoffs thus far and they are out top 3 for this rankings. Let’s talk about the teams briefly going into the last two weeks of the split.

1. Weibo Gaming

WBG remains top of our rankings despite losing to RNG. Their last two weeks have been great as they beat OMG and LNG but did lose to RNG. Overall, they look great as a team but they have these moments where they just throw the game with overaggressive plays and the likes. As a result, we see them play a lot of 3 game series where they shouldn’t. Hopefully, they will patch things up and we will see a better version of the team in the playoffs.

2. Victory Five

V5 has had a great split themselves as WBG has. Both of them are equal in standings but WBG has the head-to-head so far. Similarly, they beat EDG and LNG convincingly but then lost badly to JDG. V5 is a team that likes to play through the top side and Karsa and Rookie are at the top of their game. Going forward, it will be about consistency for them in playoffs.

3. Royal Never Give Up

RNG bounced back the last week with wins against WBG and EDG. This team is riding the back of Xiaohu thus far and it has worked for them in many cases. The caveat with this team is that Bin is still fairly inconsistent and the bot lane has not shown too many flashes of brilliance. Despite that, this is a team that is to be reckoned with in the playoffs just by the sheer talent they possess on the team.

4. Top Esports

Just when people were starting to write TES off, they went on a roll and haven’t looked back. They have beat LNG, BLG, and EDG in the past two weeks and all is well for the team. Mark’s acquisition has been a revelation for them and Wayward has done well for them in the top lane. With the pieces in place, they will look to grab a top 4 spot which is very likely to happen, given they only have to play one playoff team in WBG in the remaining schedule.

5. EDward Gaming

EDG has been in a form that no one expected after their start to the split. They have now lost to most of the top teams in the LPL and are plummeting fast. It seems the loss of their coach in the offseason has negatively affected them a lot and now we have to question how good this team will be going forward. Things don’t get easy as they have to play LNG, RA, and BLG in the coming two weeks.

6. LNG Esports

Like EDG, LNG is in a freefall at the moment it seems as they don’t seem to be at the level of top teams like they were envisioned to be. With games against EDG, OMG, and JDG left, it’s a mystery where this team will end up in the standings. One win will secure playoffs and they do have a game against LGD to do so. However, with them dropping to the 5th or the 6th spot or even lower potentially, things don’t look good for the team going forward.

7. JD Gaming

Ever since Hope was inserted into the lineup, things have gone upwards for this team. Kanavi is in form and Yagao is doing his part for the team well. However, the only inconsistency with them is 369 as he can be all over the place at times. They face LNG, RA, and WBG in the next two weeks so the work is cut out for them. It is very likely we see them in the playoffs and will be a tough opponent for anyone in the playoffs as well.

8. Bilibili Gaming

The superteam is not quite where they are at right now. Even if Uzi was playing, the team would not be any better right now. It feels like there are too many mouths to feed with this team as every side of the map is used to playing strong side. Too many things are not going well for the team and things look a bit bleak. Their playoff run could be down to the wire and if they miss the playoffs, boy it will be a huge upset.

9. Oh My God

OMG started off the split well but they have now come down to the mean. Their win against RA is pretty much why they are still 9th on our list. It’s very clear that Creme is very good at champions he is versed and plays to the level we expect him to. However, when he is put in uncomfortable situations, he does not look very good. This is a problem for OMG and they will have to fix it.

However, they have bigger fish to fry as they do not have many games left and have a playoff spot to clinch. With only 3 games left for them, the stakes are high and they must win at least 2 games to secure a playoff spot.

10. Rare Atom

RA has been a rollercoaster in this split thus far. While they are on the very edge of the playoffs, they have a tough schedule ahead of them. With games against WBG, JDG, and EDG, things are stacked up against them. Also, they have to face UP as well, who are vying for a playoff spot. Due to that, it is likely they will miss the playoffs but making the playoffs is a huge boost for them especially after losing FoFo.

11. FunPlus Phoenix

FPX is sitting right outside the playoff spot at the moment with them on the heels of some teams. Meanwhile, there are teams on their heels as well trying to one-up them to get a playoff spot. The good news is that they have an easier schedule left. Winning 3 out of the next 4 is not inconceivable and should be expected if they want to make a playoff spot.

Beating OMG would be a great step towards that direction as they beat a team they have to overtake. It is still not entirely on their hands as other teams could just rise up and take it and we could see a game difference argument soon. It’s a waiting game right now in the bottom of the LPL.

12. Anyone’s Legend

This team despite their record is making a strong push in the last few weeks of the split. Things are stacked up against them but what a story it would be if they make it in the playoffs. With one of the strongest schedules left, we could either see a miracle run or a run that was a little too late. On the bright side, it’s a good step for the next split where this team has gotten a beat on how to play together.

13. Ultra Prime

Like AL, UP has heated up and is now in a position to take a playoff spot. However, with tough games in Week 9, it is a tall order for them. Although, if they beat TT and RA this week, we could very well see them in the playoffs. Time will only tell whether they can make it in.

14. Invictus Gaming

IG was surging and was making a run for the playoffs. However, they may have blown their chance as they have to face TES, FPX, and WBG in a stretch where they have to win 3 games to maybe make it in. It’s a sad tale for the team but with some momentum and bringing in Wink and Mole late, we will see a better IG next split.

15. LGD Gaming

LGD all of a sudden has become a competitive team. It seems they might have found some sliver of hope in this team as they are building some chemistry amongst the players. LGD might actually be a strong team next split or might just collapse. Mathematically, they still have a chance to make the playoffs but realistically, that schedule is way too hard to make it. Even one win out of that would be great for them going forward.

16. ThunderTalk Gaming

It was far too late for them to sub in UCAL and Captain it seems and it’s all about building something for the next split. Hopefully, they will find some form and continuity going forward and could play spoilers for some teams.

17. Team WE

WE is a firesale right now as they are definitely getting calls about beishang. With so much going on, perhaps it’s just better for them to just rebuild the entire team and compete when they have the pieces in place. For now, it’s a disaster and it’s a shame to see this team at the very bottom.

In Conclusion

It’s a waiting game for the LPL right now as there are many shifts that are left to happen. We could see many teams rise up to claim a spot or just fall off entirely. The LPL is as volatile as ever and we are here for it.

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