LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs Finals Preview: RNG vs TES

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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RNG and TES face each other once more in the LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs as the Finals are upon us.

We are waiting for the rematch between RNG and TES in the Finals of the LPL Spring 2022 Playoffs. The first time these teams met about 5-6 days ago, RNG outplayed them. The Xiaohu Galio play is still fresh on people’s minds and that goes to show you how good RNG is. However, TES has all the capabilities to match them. So let’s talk about the Finals and preview the matchup.

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RNG vs TES the second time around, should be different from the first time. TES looked better against V5 a few days ago and they should have some confidence going forward. However, RNG has proven that they are a very formidable and resilient team.

How can TES win the Finals?

While TES is coming off of a dominant series win against V5, the odds are stacked against them. RNG beat them the first time around quite convincingly and they have to come up with a better game plan this time around. Also, the win against V5 was marred by the fact that V5 looked horrible in those games individually.

In the first series against RNG, all members of TES were outplayed by their counterparts. This time around, Knight has to play better against Xiaohu, and Tian should play better against Wei. The best way to beat RNG is to force their laners to get behind and then snowball a lead. So TES has to get a lead early and a get a good enough lead to control the game and take the game out of RNG’s hands.

TES is a resilient team, they have shown that they can bounce back. So, expect a long and competitive series in the Finals.

Can RNG win in Spring once more?

RNG is peaking at the right time as they look like they are in very good form. RNG did not look like this during the split but they have ramped up a lot. Bin has gotten more consistent and Xiaohu is the best player in the LPL right now. Meanwhile, Gala and Ming have really stepped up as a strong bot lane. The only member that has not quite popped off is Wei.

With their players stepping up and the team having a strong identity as a team fighting team with multiple people capable of making plays, this is a formidable team. Xiaohu got the best of Knight last time around and expect that to happen as Xiaohu is just built differently.

The Keys to This Series

The main points of contention for this series is mid lane and jungle. TIan and Wei have to play better than the other to have control over games. We have seen many times that when TES gets a lead, Tian and the rest do a very good job of controlling the game and closing the deal.

Wei on the other hand, was not needed to do that yet considering how well the rest of the team is playing. However, this is the Finals and this is where you show up.

On the other hand, we have Xiaohu and Knight in the mid lane and Xiaohu has the upper hand instantly. It is up to Knight to come out of the gates swinging and exerting his authority. If he can do that, this is going to be a rowdy series.

Our Prediction and Final Remarks

For us, this will be a 3-2 RNG win. RNG looks like the better team so far but it will be more competitive than the Winners Finals. TES has a very good shot of winning it but in our opinion, it should be an RNG win.

RNG vs TES is set to be in a few hours from now.

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