LPL Playoffs: EDward Gaming VS LNG Esports Preview

LPL Playoffs resumes tomorrow with a do-or-die series between EDward Gaming and LNG Esports.

LPL Playoffs have been excellent so far with a full gauntlet run from both Team WE and LNG Esports. Now, we are in the last part of the playoffs with 4 teams fighting to win it all. For WE and FPX, they have another lifeline to go down to the loser’s bracket. However, for EDG and LNG, this is a must-win series. Let’s talk about the series and try to work out who has the edge going into tomorrow.

The Series

This will be one of the most important series in the playoffs. The winner continues on to face the loser of the winner’s bracket semifinals while the loser waits for the regional qualifiers. Although, the series means more to EDG than LNG for Worlds qualifications as a loss to EDG will confirm FPX to Worlds. Also, an EDG loss potentially confirms RNG as the 2nd seed in the event FPX wins the playoffs. A lot is at stake for EDG, so let’s start talking about EDG first.

EDward Gaming

EDG has been one of the better teams in the Summer Split as a whole. However, their woes in the tail end of the split that carried over to the playoffs is a problem. With a loss to Team WE in the first quarterfinals, EDward Gaming finds themselves in critical series against LNG where one series win set themselves to Worlds 2021 potentially.

Based on the series versus WE, EDG looked a bit shaky. Jiejie in particular looked awful and the sub to Junjia allowed EDG to win 2 games on the trot to keep their hopes alive to win that series. However, EDG needs to come more prepared for tomorrow given their performances. Barring Flandre who had a good series, the other players were on and off. Scout did not play his best barring the Sylas game and Viper had a few pop off games and moments but nothing more than that.

We know EDward Gaming to be a solid and well oiled team this split. That shine however has faded away, and they need to reclaim it. EDG has played worse in the playoffs in times past, so they will need to prove the viewers wrong by winning this series and going further into the playoffs.

LNG Esports

LNG has had an excellent run in these playoffs. They ran the gauntlet but got stopped by potentially the best team in the world in FPX. Other than that, this team has looked formidable. Tarzan and Ale stood out a lot and this team really took a step forward in the playoffs. However, their opponents were shaky themselves until they ran into FPX where LNG got outplayed.

Ale has had one of the best playoff runs so far, and he has looked dominant in the top lane. Tarzan has definitely been one of the best junglers, if not the best jungler in the LPL. Light and Iwandy has had a solid playoff run and Icon has had his ups and downs, probably best not to pick Renekton. Regardless, this team looks strong and will be a formidable opponent for EDG if they are not coming in with proper preparation.


The interesting thing about both these teams facing each other is the fact that both teams play a very controlled style of League of Legends. Both teams want to play good laning phases and use those advantages to win team fights. However, their strengths lie in different places of the map. For LNG, its clearly Ale and Tarzan and for EDG, its Viper and Meiko. Complementing those parts are the rest of the players, playing around their strengths.

LNG will definitely be focusing on the top side of the map as Flandre has been labeled as the weak point of EDG. Meanwhile, EDG will want to focus on the bot side of the map with Viper being their main carry. Where the x-factors for both teams lie is the mid lane. The mid lane matchup could easily tilt the series on one side and Scout vs Icon should be fun to watch.

The other thing for EDG is picking who to play jungle. If the series against WE were any indication, best to stick with Junjia. With a similar style but different strengths, this series is leading up to be a good series to watch.

However, the pressure is more on EDG as they are the ones that would be delegated to 3rd or 4th seed for Worlds at best. In LNG’s perspective, they are the underdogs and will give it their all to win. Hence, it will not be a disappointment if they lose. Thus, this series means a lot more for EDG as mentioned earlier. A win potentially gets them a top two spot at Worlds.

In Conclusion

EDG and LNG is a series that will have a lot of eyes watching. EDG’s loss benefits more teams than an EDG win. However, EDG winning could change the perception of the team going forward in the playoffs. For LNG, a win would be grand, but a loss would not be too disappointing given what they have achieved. With that said, this series is going to be exciting.

To watch the LPL playoffs, check the schedule on the LoL Esports Website and tune in when EDG vs LNG kicks off tomorrow.

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