Lies of P (LOP): Top 5 Best P-Organ Abilities

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Let’s explore the best P-Organ abilities in Lies of P and examine their best synergies phase by phase.

The P-Organ system in Lies of P allows players to upgrade and enhance Pinocchio’s abilities through installing perks called Quartz. By slotting these Quartz into the chair interface in Geppetto’s room, you can unlock powerful effects that significantly improve your combat potential. But with limited Quartz available throughout the game, you’ll need to choose your P-Organ abilities wisely.

P-Organ abilities can provide game-changing buffs to your attack power, defense, and more. Therefore, you need to pick the best P-Organ abilities in Lies of P to increase your power against the game’s toughest foes. This guide will walk you through the most effective P-Organ abilities you should prioritize on your journey through Lies of P.

To determine the best P-Organ abilities, we considered which ones provide the most practical boosts to your survivability and damage output. Abilities that increase your Pulse Cells, improve Perfect Guards and Dodges, and enhance your Fable Arts attacks are especially impactful. If you use the P-Organ abilities that synergize well, then you will gain an upper hand against any formidable enemies and bosses you’ll face.

Top 5 Best P-Organ Abilities in Lies of P

5/5 Quick Wishstone Use (Ability Type)

The high-stakes battles when you must activate wishstones require swiftness. When health is low, fumbling for your cube can be fatal. Quick “Wishstone Use” remedies this by substantially speeding up the deployment of your Cube, ensuring you can access wishing abilities on-demand.

Once cumbersome, cube interactions become nearly instantaneous taps, allowing you to evade and recover in one fluid motion. The difference could mean snatching triumph from jaws of defeat when using health or revival stones.

Never again lament a sluggish cube when each second matters. With Quick Wishstone Use, your Wishstones and the Cube itself can truly fulfill their life-saving potential.

4/5 Increase Staggered Duration (Attack Type)

Increase Staggered Duration in Lies of P

There is a limit to how much punishment enemies can withstand before they become vulnerable and staggered. “Increase Staggered Duration” allows you to capitalize on this window of opportunity for longer by prolonging their incapacitated state.

Those extra precious seconds open up time to unleash charged attacks or line up the perfect Fatal Blow. As the game progresses, stagger-resistant enemies become more challenging, making this ability essential.

Combine it with abilities that increase stagger damage, and you have a potent recipe to keep adversaries stun-locked while you operate with impunity. Turn the tables on your imposing enemies by keeping them trapped in prolonged agony under your weapon’s attack.

3/5 Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery (Survival Type)

Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery in Lies of P

No resource is more vital in the bleak world of Lies of P than your limited stock of Pulse Cells used for emergency healing. That’s why enhancing their restorative potential through abilities like “Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery” is so invaluable.

You can stretch your lifesaving Pulse Cells even further by using each Pulse Cell to heal more health. Every sliver of health matters when facing lethal enemies in Lies of P, so improving your Pulse Cell’s efficacy makes defeating the next perilous foe more likely.

Those who play Savvy know that defeating tough enemies requires meticulous management of health through nonstop healing. Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery provides that extra bit of breathing room to outlast your enemies.

2/5 Enhance Fatal Attack ATK (Attack Type)

Enhance Fatal Attack ATK in Lies of P

Punishing staggered enemies with “Enhanced Fatal Attack ATK” via this P-Organ upgrade brings the pain. When you have the chance to execute a vulnerable foe, you want the Fatal Attack to deplete their health bar decisively and brutally.

This ability turns your Fatal Attack into a lethal coup de grâce capable of one-shotting enemies if you build up the damage enough. The satisfaction of felling a formidable foe in a single, visceral blow after systematically wearing them down is unmatched.

Enhance Fatal Attack ATK ensures your critical attacks always live up to their deadly name when the time is right to put the final nail in the coffin.

1/5 Increase Pulse Cells (Survival Type)

Increase Pulse Cells in Lies of P

Having additional Pulse Cell charges in your back pocket is like gaining extra lives in Lies of P’s harrowing battles. The “Increase Pulse Cells” ability expands your safety net, offering more opportunities to heal when enemies have you on the brink.

With upgraded Pulse Cells, you can play more aggressively and use charges proactively, rather than panicking when you’re low on health. The flexibility this provides against lethal foes is invaluable. Use the breathing room to observe attack patterns and strike strategic blows.

With practice, you may not even need all your Pulse Cells. But it’s reassuring to know they’re ready and waiting to get you back on your feet.

Best P-Organ Abilities Phase by Phase

P-Organ Phase 1

Best SynergiesBest Abilities
• Increase Pulse Cells
• Link Dodge
• Enhance Guard Regain Recovery 1 (Survival)
• Increase Ergo upon eliminating enemy 1 (Item)
• Lowers Charge Attack Stamina Consumption 1 (Ability)
• Enhance Charge Stagger ATK 1 (Attack)

P-Organ Phase 2

Best SynergiesBest Abilities
• Increase Pulse Cells 2
• Rising Dodge
• Reduces Stamina consumption from dash (Ability)
• Special Grindstone Increase Effect Duration 1 (Item)
• Enhance Perfect Guard Destruction 1 (Attack)
• Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery 1 (Survival)

P-Organ Phase 3

Best SynergiesBest Abilities
• Add Belt Slots 1/ Increase Cube Uses 1
• Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery 2
• Quick Wishstone Use (Ability)
• Increase Pulse Cells 3 (Survival)
• Enhance Charge Stagger ATK 2 (Attack)
• Increase Ergo upon eliminating enemy 2 (Item)

P-Organ Phase 4

Best SynergiesBest Abilities
• Increases Special Grindstone Uses
• Perfect Guard Causes Stiffness
• Auto Charge Pulse when Discharged (Survival)
• Increase Consumable Effect Duration 2 (Item)
• Increase Fable ATK 2 (Attack)
• Perfect Guard Fable Charge Enhance 2 (Ability)

P-Organ Phase 5

Best SynergiesBest Abilities
• Increase Staggerable Window 2
• Retain Guard Regain 2
• Charges Fable upon Pulse Cell Use (Item)
• Enhance Special Resistance 2 (Survival)
• Lowers Charge Attack Stamina Consumption 2 (Ability)
• Increase Fatal ATK 2 (Attack)

P-Organ Phase 6 (New Game Plus)

Best SynergiesBest Abilities
• Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery 3
• Add Weapon Slots
• Enhances ATK when HP is at maximum (Attack)
• Increases Ergo upon eliminating an enemy (Item)
• Naturally recovers durability of inactive weapons (Ability)
• Enhance Deflection Recovery (Survival)

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