Lies of P (LOP): Can You Save Antonia?

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Save Antonia in Lies of P by instructing Polendina to administer the cure. Uncover a complex quest chain in this gripping campaign adventure.

Have you wandered the streets of Krat? These haunting streets hide more than just bloodthirsty puppets. A deadly disease creeps through the city, turning people to stone. As the protagonist, Pinocchio, you cross paths with one of its victims, an elderly woman named Antonia, confined to a wheelchair. Her frail body bears the scales and scars of the petrification disease, incurable and fatal. Yet you hold the power to grant her relief, to free her from the grasp of the illness ravaging Krat.

In Lies of P, you have the chance to save Antonia. But at what cost? However, it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Because you have to bear the positive and negative consequences of giving her the cure. Therefore, you should take the decision carefully, as it will alter Antonia’s fate.

As the protagonist, Pinocchio, you’ll get to know Antonia’s story. Now, should you play God with her life or grant her the dignity of a natural death? This guide will delve into Antonia’s background, the complex process of finding her cure, and the debated ethics behind this difficult choice. The truth may not free this old woman, but you can.

Antonia’s Background in Lies of P

Pinocchio and Old Antonia looking at Young Antonia

Antonia is the weary owner of the Hotel Krat, a safe haven for survivors in the fallen city. As an act of kindness, she opened its doors in order to protect others from the tragedy she had experienced.

Before the madness struck Krat, Antonia lived a peaceful life with her husband. Together, they cherished quiet moments and dreamed of traveling the world. But the Petrification Disease soon claimed her beloved, leaving Antonia alone and afraid.

Antonia and the Petrification Disease

Currently, she manages the hotel with her name on it. She never lets her guests see the pain she hides behind a brave face. Yet behind her smiles and gentle laughter, Antonia is slowly succumbing to the same cruel illness that took her husband.

While she strives to help those around her, her strength is waning. Antonia’s time is running short as the Petrification Disease continues its deadly spread. You may be her only hope for a cure that will extend her life. But the choice of whether to intervene is yours alone.

How to Save Antonia in Lies of P

First, you have to complete the side quest for Julian the Gentleman in Rosa Isabelle Culvert. When you meet Julian, select the “Fetch” dialogue option. Explore the area to find his wife’s corpse, along with her ring and a letter. Take the letter back to Julian and tell him his wife still loves him to receive the sad gesture and keep the wedding ring.

Julian the Gentleman talking about the wedding ring

This ring is key to convincing Polendina at Hotel Krat that love between a human and a puppet is possible. After this encounter, speak to Antonia at the hotel and tell her, “Of course,” when she asks if she still looks beautiful. Continue progressing the main story until you can speak with Giangio back at Hotel Krat.

Pinocchio talking to Giangio

Give him a Gold Coin Fruit to receive a Cure for Antonia. Take this back to Polendina at the hotel and choose to administer the cure when prompted. This will complete Antonia’s quest line and provide you with a Radiant Ergo fragment.

The Pros of Saving Antonia

Pinocchio playing piano for Antonia

If you give Antonia the cure, then you can unlock rewards like the “Refined Old Lady” achievement and a touching, Cherry-Scented Letter she leaves you after passing. Her room becomes available upstairs in Hotel Krat, allowing continued interactions that give insights into her motivations and backstory.

Administering the cure creates light in Antonia’s fading days. Though the Petrification Disease continues its attack, you’ve given her a second chance she thought impossible. She finds renewed joy in managing Hotel Krat and supporting other survivors.

The Cons of Saving Antonia

Curing Antonia requires you to lie multiple times during the quest line. If you are doing a truth-only run, you won’t have the option to cure Antonia. When speaking to Polendina about the possibility of a human-puppet relationship, you must show him the Wedding Ring obtained by lying to Julian. Later, when Antonia asks if she is still beautiful, you must tell her, “Of course,” even though her appearance has changed due to the disease.

Answer Antonia's question, Of course

Administering the cure to Antonia also requires giving up a Gold Coin Fruit, which is valuable and limited. While curing her is rewarding in terms of storytelling and collectibles, it comes at the cost of lost resources and morality.

Keep in mind that the cure is not a permanent fix. Even after being cured, Antonia’s condition will worsen again, and she will still pass away. The cure only briefly slows the progression of Petrification Disease. It does not drastically change her fate.

Save Antonia in Lies of P or Not

Pinocchio ready to talk to Antonia

Faced with this difficult choice, how should you decide Antonia’s fate? This profound decision depends on your own moral code and desired experience.

If you seek the most positive ending, saving Antonia may align with that goal. But those focused on role-playing Pinocchio’s character may reach different conclusions.

You should consider your play style as well. If you are a completionist, then you will want the achievement of healing Antonia. But a minimalist doesn’t care for side tales.

And some may wish to replay the game twicefirst providing the cure, then allowing a natural death for comparison. There is no universal right or wrong path.

Rather than prescribe what you should do, this article aims to illuminate the implications of either choice. Weigh both outcomes and their impact on Antonia and the broader world. Listen to your conscience and act in a way that brings you satisfaction rather than regret.

The life of an old woman rests in your hands. But ultimately, the fate of Lies of P rests with you as well. Choose wisely.

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