Riot Will Restrict LoL Ranked Games From Toxic, Inting, and AFK Players

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

In the recent dev log, Riot announced that the ranked queue would be restricted for toxic players.

League of Legends is notoriously known as a game filled with toxic players. This is one of the main reasons why new players are reluctant to try out this game. Because of it, Riot Games are desperately trying to combat disruptive behavior. Disruptive behaviors include toxicity, intentional feeding, being AFK, harassing, etc.

Since season 11, Riot has taken drastic measures to combat such behaviors. For a brief period, they even removed all chat for specific regions. But after community backlash, Riot reverted the change. But subsequently, they also implemented some changes that punished AFK players.

In season 12, they doubled down their stance against toxicity. This time they added a feature where players could get automatically muted if they type offensive words. Furthermore, their Honor score would also decrease rapidly.

Recently Riot Games released a dev log regarding the behavioral system in League of Legends. In this dev log, they talked about the current statistics of player behaviors. They also mentioned the future steps they would be taking regarding restrictions and punishments for toxic players.

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Toxic, Inting, & AFK Players Restricted From Ranked Queue

In the future, if a player gets punished for toxicity, AFK, intentional feeding, or other disruptive behaviors, they won’t be able to queue in ranked modes. And this restriction isn’t locked in time. Instead, players must play other or casual modes to unlock the mode back.

Even Riot acknowledged that this decision might make the normal queues more toxic. So they would be monitoring them intensively after the changes come.

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