All The LoL New Emotes, Icons, and More Coming Soon

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games and SkinSpotlights

The upcoming new emotes, icons, and borders are leaked for League of Legends.

2024 is upon us, yet a few days remain before League of Legends starts its new season. But already, we have started getting news and leaks regarding the upcoming champions, skins, icons, emotes, and more.

Season 2024 has a long list of gameplay changes. The game is going to look a lot different from the previous seasons. On top of it, the ranked system including player skill determination is going to get an overhaul, leading up to even bigger changes by the end of 2024.

Speaking of new icons and emotes, SkinSpotlights has leaked a new set of icons, emotes, and borders that are coming in the new season. In this article, I will be introducing you to these.

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The New Icons

New icons for Talon, Riven, Vi, Riven, and Lee Sin
image credit: League of legends and skinspotlights

I am sure your first thought was who is who here. Yes, you are not alone. It took me quite a while to finally recognize them as well. These icons are of, from top left to right, Riven, Talon, and Sivir. Then on the bottom, we have Vi and Lee Sin, which are kind of more recognizable compared to the previous 3.

Other than Dragon Fist Lee Sin, the rest of the 4 are named under the ‘Primal Ambrush’ icon set, hence their eyes, hair, skin, and ears have animal designs and patterns painted.

The New Emotes

All the new emotes coming in lol 2024
image credit: riot games and skinspotlights

Next, we have a collection of cute and humorous emotes, some of them clearly referencing to some popular memes such as Renektoy’s Ahegao expression, and Skeletor’s iconic expression-infused Karthus emote. Heartsteel Aphelios, DJ Sona, Remix Rumble Jhinn, TPA Shen, etc are also getting new emotes. Then there’s this dragon emote, which could either be a new little legend or something related to the upcoming Vastayan champion.

The New Borders

Dragon Trainer Tristana Border
image credit: riot games and skinspotlights

Finally, Dragon Trainer Tristana is getting its own border. This will be available only if you have the skin at your disposal.

Many more are on their own away but for now, these are all that have been leaked so far. January 9, 2024 will surely be a day to look forward to as Riot promises to deliver something for everybody this year.

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