Locations of All Pilgrim’s Perch Keys: Lords of the Fallen

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If you are struggling to get the keys to unlock the locked doors, here are all Pilgrim’s Perch Key locations for you.

Soulslike games demand that players overcome tough challenges to advance in the game’s story. It often hinges on these challenges with missing items or keys, crucial to unlocking concealed paths or locked doors. In Lords of the Fallen, these locations have plenty of resources and treasures for the players to loot.

One such intriguing locale is Pilgrim’s Perch, a region teeming with mysteries and locked doors that await those who possess the Pilgrim’s Perch Key. However, these Pilgrim’s Perch keys can be hard to find. But don’t worry, today’s guide on All Pilgrim’s Perch Key Locations in Lords of the Fallen has you covered.

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All Pilgrim’s Perch Key Locations in Lord of the Fallen

The Pilgrim’s Perch key is the only solution to open locked doors like the Bell Door. You must buy the Pilgrim’s Perch key from a trader at Skyrest Bridge. To meet with the trader, head towards Skyrest Bridge, and you will find Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis.

Interact with him, and you can purchase the key from him. Purchasing the Pilgrim’s Perch Key will cost you 9,500 Vigor. One key can unlock all the locked doors in Pilgrim’s Perch. So buying one key is enough for you.

Which Doors Can be Unlocked Using Pilgrim’s Perch Key?

The Pilgrim’s Perch key can unlock several doors and concealed paths.

  • Going through the tunnel near the location of Scourged Sister Delyth. Behind these doors, you’ll find the Sacred Resonance Heavy armor set.
  • The locked door near Umbral Flowerbed along the road.
  • The locked door near the cave is the location of Gerlinde, the Blacksmith. Defeat the enemies in the concealed space behind the door to obtain an Amulet called the Warrior’s Claw.
  • Vestige of Blind Agatha’s Bell Door. You can get a heavy reward by defeating the enemies inside the chamber.

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