List of All Chapters and Missions: Ghostrunner 2

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Know about all the Chapters before you embark on your robot hunt!

Ghostrunner is back, this time with more missions and harder boss fights. Ghostrunner 2 was developed by One More Level, and needless to say, they have done a great job. The game has expanded greatly on its already-built Universe with new modes, more gameplay hours, and upgraded game mechanics. This time, you will have Jack slicing through evil AI robots with his katana, maneuvering through obstacles, and riding with a motorcycle outside the Dharma Tower. The game is structured with nonlinear levels so that you can progress in any order as you please.

Ghostrunner 2, this time, has more missions and chapters than its predecessor and roughly takes an hour to complete one. You will take on the Ninja AI cult, look for collectibles, and face bosses at the end of every chapter. So, without further ado, let us take a look at the list of all chapters and missions in Ghostrunner 2.

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List of All Chapters and Missions in Ghostrunner 2

List of All Chapters and Missions: GhostRunner 2
Image Credit: One More Level

There are a total of 18 chapters and missions in Ghostrunner 2. Give or take, it will take you 12–15 hours to complete the game. For the Completionists, it will take more as the game has an array of trophies and achievements to offer. You will go out on missions to carry out specific objectives, obtain collectibles, and then return to Interface Council HQ to make upgrades to your skills and gear. And as you progress through the chapters, the game gets much harder. Now take a peek at the list of all chapters and missions in Ghostrunner 2, organized in the game’s chronological order:

1Uninvited Guests
2Will Bushido Allow It?
3Setting the Stage
4The Hacker’s Den
5Behind the Curtain
6You Shouldn’t Have Peeked
7A Price to Be Paid
8Licking the Wounds
9I Won’t Be Back Today
10Winds of The Desolate
11Pillars of Creation
12Something Lurks In The Sand
14Can Anyone Hear Me?
15Danse Macabre
16Elevator Maintenance
17Too Close To The Sun
18The Monolith of Inhumanity
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