Lies of P (LOP): New Game Plus (NG+)

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By Abir Hasan
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The Ultimate Guide on New Game Plus (NG+)

The New Game Plus feature is available in Lies of P, like every other Soulslike game. This feature lets players do reruns of the main campaign after they have finished it once. If you wish to take a different route in the main story dissimilar from the previous run, NG+ is the feature you need. This feature allows you to retain all your abilities, skills, items, and a few collectibles from the previous campaign, thus making it easier to defeat the bosses.

In The New Game Plus run, you will encounter powered-up bosses and enemies, new exclusive additions, and chances to buff your abilities to the maximum tier. There are numerous possibilities for you to embark on using the New Game Plus(NG+). So, without further ado, read through our Guide about the New Game Plus (NG+) in Lies of P.

New Game Plus (NG+) in Lies of P(LOP)

You can activate The New Game Plus(NG+) after you have defeated the final boss and have watched the post-credit scenes. After you have ended the campaign, the game will prompt you the choice to start a New Game Plus(NG+). 

Lies of P: New Game Plus (NG+)
Image Credit: Neowiz Games

With the New Game Plus run, you will retain-

  • Gears: Weapons, amulets, Defense Parts, and parts/armor
  • Stats: Player level and stats.
  • Upgrades: P-Organ upgrades and Legio-Arm upgrades
  • Resources: Ergo, Moonstones, and other currencies and boss items
  • Costumes and Gestures
  • Records

What you will not retain-

  • Collectibles
  • Items that affect main story missions and side quests
  • Krat Supply Boxes and Venigni Collections 

After Sophia awakens P, you will have options to modify or keep the Legion arm as it is. Also, you can reset the P-organ if you want to opt for a new skill tree. All of this can be done from the worktable (now named “Geppetto’s Tools”). 

Starting the NG+, you will have numerous opportunities like farming Ergos to max out the ability tiers, buffing +1 versions of weapons, selecting new outcomes to experience a different story path, and fighting the bosses with pre-equipped abilities and gears.

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