Lies of P (LOP): How to Get Golden Fruit Coins

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Neowiz Games, Round8 Studio

Learn to gather the Golden Fruit Coins quickly in Lies of P by the end of this guide.

Roam around the City of Krat on foot and explore the hidden mysteries of the robotic puppet Pinocchio. Enjoy this action-filled RPG and complete different quests and missions. Moreover, while you wander around the areas in LOP, hostile puppets can attack you anytime, so keep your swords, axes, and other weapons ready to deal damage heavily.

However, only fuginf and exploring aren’t enough to complete quests and missions; you also need to collect rare items like Hidden Moonstones, Red Apples, Golden Fruit Coins, Ergos, and much more. Out of all the items, the Golden Fruit Coins are one of the most significant resources; it is a very special currency.

With the Golden Fruit Coins, you can do a lot of things; for example, interact with Saintess Mercy, get Wishstones, and even access closed areas within the City of Krat in Lies of P. As these Godlen Fruit Coins are rare to obtain, you must follow certain steps to earn these easily.

How to Get Golden Fruit Coins in Lies of P

To get Golden Fruit Coins, you may;

Meet Giangio

To get these special coins, you must meet Giangio because only he knows about the Golden Fruit Coins and where you can get them. Find Giangio at Path of Pain in Area IV. Once you meet and interact with him, he will tell you about these Coins, Stones, and Cube related to the Wishtones, and the quest may start.

Defeat the Boss Enemy

After listening to Gaingio, head over to the St. Frangelico Cathedral. Once you are there, the boss rival will be waiting for you to take you down. The Fallen Archbishop is the boss opponent, and taking him down may take a while and a lot of power.

Deal damage heavily to Andreus, the Fallen Archbishop, and then follow the main storyline, and you will come across a dog-headed, bizarre-looking merchant, Alidoro.

After defeating Andreus and meeting Alidoro, the Path of the Pilgrim and the new Malum District areas will enable for you to visit.

Initiate the Malum District Town Hall Stargazer

As you can visit Malum District, head over to Town Hall and defeat another hostie rival to turn on the Town Hall Stargazaer of Malum District. Once you are done with that, get back to Krat Hotel by going through the secret passage within the Malum District, and you may meet Giangio again.

Giangio will talk about the Golden Fruit Tree Coins again, and he will give you some instructions about harvesting those.

Near the Hotel, you may find the Golden Fruit Coins Tree; collect 8 fruits for the first phase. Then, wait for 10 minutes to get one Golden Fruit Coin from the Tree. Alchemical Booster can be used to speed up the process.

Now, you may get these Coins to Giangio and use them for several purposes, like,

  • Purchase a Wishstone.
  • Interact with Saintess of Mercy.
  • Modify Legion Arm with 5X Golden Fruit Coins.
  • Get Star Fragments 10X Golden Fruit Coins.
  • Modify P-Organs with 10X Golden Fruit Coins.

Getting these Golden Fruit Coins can unlock immense advantages for you in LOP.

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