Lies of P (LOP): All Handle Altering Materials Locations

Abir Hasan
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Image Credit: Neowiz Games

Time to buff some weapons!

Lies of P is finally out, and Pinocchio is cutting through puppets and defeating mobs using his blades and knives. Neowiz Games has embarked players upon a terror-stricken journey where they survive through the harsh conditions of Krat. The RPG has provided an arsenal of weapons for the players to tackle the revolting puppets of the city. Moving forward, players face more brutal enemies, so they must keep upgrading their weapons to maintain deterrence. And this is where Handles come into play. Upgrading or altering handles raises attribute ranks, which in turn upgrade the stats of the weapons.

A certain material, Crank, is required to enhance these handles. There are four types of cranks found in Lies of P. They are found in 12 different locations throughout the map of the game. Finding them might pose a challenging task for many. So this guide will help players with All handle-altering material locations in Lies of P.

All Handle Altering Materials Locations in Lies of P (LOP)

There are four types of Cranks available:

  • Motivity Crank (increases weapon’s attack speed).
  • Technique Crank (increases weapon’s range).
  • Advance Crank (increases weapon’s damage).
  • Balance Crank (improves weapon’s stability and reduces recoil).

The above-mentioned Cranks are found in 12 different locations-

Lies of P: All Handle Altering Materials Locations
Image Credit: Neowiz Games
LocationHow To Get
Abandoned ApartmentMotivity Crank
Found in the area where you face the head-butting elite enemy.
Arche Abbey Broken RiftBalance Crank
Defeat the large Pinocchio toy enemy, go up the ladder, and kill the Dimensional Butterfly.
Arche Abbey Outer WallBalance Crank
Defeat the tiger scorpion and go up the ladder. Found on a narrow ledge to your right.
Arche Abbey Upper Part – Internal BridgeAdvance Crank
Search for the two swordsmen on the bridge and take the sideway to their left. Keep moving forward.
Balance Crank
Keep moving until you cross another swordsman and get by a Gatling gun puppet. Look for the rightmost side.
Estella Opera HouseTechnique Crank
Search for a dark room with a ladder in the Opera House. Hop down to kill the two hunter puppets. Kill the Dimensional Butterfly.
Grand Exhibition GalleryTechnique Crank
Exit out of the Stargazer. Kill the nearby Dimensional Butterfly.
Malum DistrictMotivity Crank
Enter the nearmost building after leaving the Red Fox and Black Cat.
Relic of Trismegistus EntranceTechnique Crank
Keep going downhill from the Stargazer. You’ll find it by a bonfire.
St. Frangelico Cathedral LibraryAdvance Crank
Enter Stargazer and search for the room with four-floor holes. Drop into any of the rooms. Kill the Dimensional Butterfly.
Workshop Union EntranceMotivity Crank
Drop down into the large crate fall. Defeat the enemies you encounter. Head upstairs and kill the Dimensional Butterfly.
Venigni Works Control RoomTechnique Crank
Backtrack your steps from Venigni’s spot by the Stargazer and walk through the iron beams facing the left side. Look for the furthest item. 
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