Lies of P (LOP): All Endings Explained

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Are you thrilled to know about all the three different endings in Lies of P? Keep reading to learn more about these endings through this guide.

Role-play as the robotic Pinocchio not in a fairy tale story but in an action- and excitement-filled game, which is Lies of P. Unlock hidden areas, correct valuable items and resources to survive, and craft weapons to fight against the hostile, powerful puppets in the City of Krat. The rival biomechanical enemies are killing humans in the city, and you must stop this destruction.

As the main storyline begins, complete missions and side quests along the way. While you explore different areas in missions, individual NPCs will interact with you from time to time. Moreover, in LOP, Pinocchio has a “Lying System,” which helps to make decisions in each choice part within the game, which may result in three significant and different endings.

All Endings of Lies of P Explained

Pinocchio is a puppet made by Geppetto, who lost his son Carlo. In the main storyline of Lies of P, Pinocchio meets Sophia, who turns out to be an illusion, but she helps Pinocchio along the way through the game.

All three endings in LOP are explained below;

Becoming a Real Boy

After Pinocchio defeats the boss opponent, Simon, Gepetto asks Pinocchio to give his Heart out to him so that Geppetto can retrieve his dead son, Carlo. In the meantime, Geppetto says lies to Pinocchio that if he gives the Heart to him, Pinocchio will become a real boy.

But unfortunately, Pinocchio is a robotic puppet, and his mechanical Heart is what is keeping him alive. At one point, Geppetto tries to take Pinocchio’s Heart out after hearing Geppetto’s lies and thinking they are true. And once Pinocchio does that, he dies and never wakes up.

Geppetto betrays Pinocchio, takes his Heart, and resurrects the dead Carlo. When Carlo is alive again, he, along with his father, Geppetto, kills everyone in the Hotel Krat, turns them into puppets, and leaves the city forever. This is a haunting ending for us who love Pinocchio so much.

The Puppet Strings Removed

This is another ending, depending on your choices as Pinocchio after defeating Simon, whether or not you give the Heart out to Geppetto when he asks for it.

When Geppetto tells his lies about how he can make Pinocchio a real boy if he gives his Heart, he surely wants to betray him to resurrect his dead son, Carlo. Pinocchio thinks closely and refuses to give the Heart to Geppetto.

After hearing his, Geppetto forcefully tries to get the Heart of Pinocchio. And while he does that, a Nameless Puppet enemy arises and tries to harm Pinocchio. Then Geppetto gets in between them just because if the Nameless Puppet kills Pinocchio, he can never use the Heart to retrieve his son.

But getting in between the fight, Geppetto gets wounded and dies. This can be called a Happy Ending as now Pinocchio will be free from all the locks, and he will be free to make his own decisions and live his life beautifully.

Rise of Pinocchio

This is a special kind of ending. To unlock this ending, you need to;

  1. Tell lies only in each choice
  2. Give the Portrait of a Boy to Geppetto
  3. Ensure peace for Sofia
  4. Keep your Heart intact and not give it to Geppetto when he asks for it
  5. Defeat the Nameless Puppet

If you do all these perfectly, in the end, during the combat when Gepetto comes between Pinocchio and the Nameless Puppet to save the Heart to use it for the dead Carlo, the Nameless Puppet will strike Geppetto and Geppetto will die.

Pinocchio will defeat the Nameless Puppet, and at the very end, Geppetto will apologize to Pinocchio and tell him about his betrayal. Then, after all this mess, Pinocchio will love his life beautifully at his own pace and use his saved Ergo to revive Sophia as a puppet to live with him.

After this ending, you may be able to unlock the Golden Lie Weapon.

A Bonus Scene: After this “Rise of Pinocchio” ending, a cutscene will be shown where you will see a man telling his boss that Pinocchio and Dorothy hold two of the Eternal Life Keys, and the scene will end here. It will be a surprise for the Lies of P players that this particular ending cutscene means a new series, Wizard of Oz, in this LOP.

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