LEC Spring Split 2022 Timeline

LEC 2022 will be kicking off on the 14th of January.

LEC has been a fun league to watch the past year. With the rise of MAD Lions as champions twice while not being huge favorites is a welcome sight for the LEC competitive wise. While the region did not fare well at Worlds, a lot of shakeups are happening for almost all the teams. While most rosters are not locked in yet, LEC 2022 will be a fun year to tune in to as the region has always been competitive domestically.

The news came in earlier today of the starting date for LEC Spring Split 2022. The date is set for 14th January 2022. The Spring Split will feature two Superweeks like it has in the past with the playoffs beginning on March 25th. Also, The Finals Week for the Spring Playoffs will be held on 9-10th April. All the games for the playoffs are set to be held in the LEC Studio in Berlin.

As for the regular season games, the roadshow is preliminarily set to be held online.

As Riot MAXtheX, the Head of Esports for Europe and MENA, alluded to, the situation is in a flux whether there will be games in Berlin. Even the playoffs could change depending on the pandemic. However, LEC has promised to improve their online experience and viewing experience for the upcoming season. How that unfolds will be an important part of the upcoming split. Format wise, nothing is changing for the LEC but the ERLs are being improved on after the success they have had last year.

Look forward to a great year for the LEC as always. The article from Riot can be found in this link.

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