League of Legends Worlds 2020 Play-ins Day 2 Overview

Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Day 2 of Play-ins started off with seven games in which Papara SuperMassive showed why they are the dark horse team to win the group, LGD still faltering, Unicorns of Love are back in style, and more

Day 2 was just as good as day 1 for the Play-ins stages of the League of Legends Worlds 2020. There was a lot to see since we saw the remainder of the teams in the play-ins perform. Furthermore, this is proving to be a very exciting play-ins with a lot of upsets and super performances.

Meta after Day 2:

The meta seems to evolve and change as each match is played. The bans somewhat remain the same with Lilia and Lucian still being high priority bans. Additionally, there were some different champion bans such as Caitlyn and Renekton.

Having said that, it’s starting to look as if most of the teams are playing to their comfort zone or picking what they feel is best. This is bringing a lot of variety on the rift. Unicorns of Love especially going with those non-ad carries in the bot lane is one of the things which stand out. Twitch seems to have risen in priority while Ashe has dropped a bit. Other than that, it looks like the meta is still evolving. We will know more about it when more games are played.

Match results

There were seven matches today and here are the results of those matches:

  • Match 1: Rainbow7 vs V3 Esports, V3 Esports won
  • Match 2: INTZ vs Papara SuperMassive, Papara SuperMassive won
  • Match 3: V3 Esports vs Unicorns of Love, Unicorns of Love won
  • Match 4: LGD Gaming vs Rainbow7, Rainbow7 won
  • Match 5: Unicorns of Love vs PSG.Talon, Unicorns of Love won
  • Match 6: Papara SuperMassive vs MAD Lions, Papara SuperMassive Won
  • Match 7: Team Liquid vs Legacy Esports

Group A Overview

Group A is starting to look very interesting with Team Liquid, Papara SuperMassive, and Legacy Esports playing two games each. Also, the other 2 teams, Mad Lions and INTZ, have played 3 games by now. Papara SuperMassive and Team Liquid are the two teams that are in contention for getting that first spot in the group. The first place is going to boil down to the Papara SuperMassive vs Team Liquid game on Monday.

Papara SuperMassive have looked really good with their two wins today. They completely dominated both INTZ and Mad Lions in their respective games. Armut and KaKao were spectacular in the games, especially Armut who put up a clinic in the top lane.

INTZ has progressively looked bad with each game they have played. Papara Supermassive completely dominated them today with good play and key mistakes from INTZ. This puts INTZ in 0-3 record and they have to win their next game against Team Liquid if they want to force a tiebreaker.

Mad Lions have been disappointing in their first two games and it did not change today. Papara SuperMassive won that game very decisively and things are not looking good for the LEC 4th seed. Shadow has played poorly in the three games. Nevertheless, he and the team needs to step up to win the next game and guarantee playoffs for the Mad Lions.

Team Liquid has looked really good in their game today and with the win, they are now 2-0. Their performances put them at the forefront of the fight for the first spot vs Papara SuperMassive. Team Liquid’s domination of Legacy Esports in the early game and finishing off the game was a strong statement.

Legacy Esports played well against INTZ but got hit really hard by Team Liquid. They played against two extremes where INTZ has not looked good at all and Team Liquid have looked really well. Thus, ending the day at 1-1, the game against Mad Lions will be an important game for them to secure 3rd spot in the group.

Overall, Papara SuperMassive and Team Liquid look to be the first and second spots in groups. On the other hand, MAD Lions, INTZ, and Legacy Esports have to fight for their playoff spots in their next games.

Group B Overview

Group B has been strange to say the least. LGD losing two games out of four is unexpected. PSG.Talon looked really good with 3 substitutes yesterday and played well against Unicorns of Love despite the loss. Furthermore, Unicorns of Love looked really good. Also, Rainbow7 winning their third game kept them in the playoff hunt and V3 went 1-1 in their first day of games.

LGD gaming were the favorites in Group B to make it into group stages. In spite of that, how LGD have played is abysmal. They got the Lilia on the first day but got decimated by PSG.Talon. Additionally, Rainbow7 outplayed them today in their match. This does not look good for LGD with them still having a match against both the current group leader Unicorns of Love and V3. They definitely need to bounce back tomorrow or this could be the biggest upset in Play-ins history.

PSG.Talon looked really promising yesterday but could not get over the hump in today’s match against a very good Unicorns of Love team. The good news for them is that their main ADC player, Unified, will be eligible to play tomorrow as his quarantine is up. They will look to finish strong with a win vs V3 Esports to get to a 3-1 record.

Unicorns of Love have looked spectacular today. However, what’s surprising about it is their pick and ban with an Orianna ADC in the match vs V3 Esports. Next, they followed it up with Swain ADC vs PSG.Talon. Their unconventional style of play and champion picks makes them a deadly team not just in the play-ins group stages but also in the playoffs if they do not finish first place in the group.

Rainbow7 had a poor start yesterday with PSG.Talon beating them in a convincing fashion. They started off today losing to V3 Esports but bounced back well against LGD who are also struggling. This puts Rainbow7 in 1-2 and the games tomorrow will determine their fate for the remainder of Worlds.

V3 Esports played well in their first game of Worlds 2020 against Rainbow7 but got beaten badly by Unicorns of Love. Unicorns of Love got the better of them with unconventional plays that they could not handle. There is still much left to show for V3 as they will face their remaining two games tomorrow versus LGD and PSG.Talon.

The Day as a whole and Tiebreak rules

Play-ins have looked very exciting with meta defining matches and upsets. The next two days will determine how the playoffs shape up and whether LGD and Mad Lions will finally show why they were in the favorites discussion before Worlds started.

On another note, Tiebreakers are not going to be done in the conventional way of resolving via Head to Head as confirmed by Medic.

The tiebreakers will occur as long as the records are tied and the team with the Head 2 Head win will get side selection according to Medic.

We shall see more of the play-ins tomorrow and more is to come with Worlds 2020 just starting.

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