League of Legends’ Upcoming Bot Lane Champion Leaked: Potential Abilities, Details, and More

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Image Via Riot Games

Riot already confirmed League’s next bot lane champion in 2022 would be a melee champion. And now there are rumors about their abilities.

At the start of this year, Riot released a video about the upcoming champions in season 2022. In case you missed it, they talked about four champions in total. The first one was Zeri, an electrifying marksman. After Zeri, the next champion was supposed to be a ‘dark enchanter’ support. That champion was Renata Glasc, who has already been released.

The 3rd champion is yet to be released and will be a Void Jungler. It is already leaked that the name of the new jungler is Bel’veth. Bel’veth will be released on Patch 12.9 and will soon hit the PBE. And for the 4th champion, there isn’t much information other than that it will be a ‘non-traditional’ bot lane champion.

Next Bot Lane Champion’s Details

Mystery Bot Lane Champion Teaser, Image Via Riot Games

This picture was all Riot showed as a teaser for the next bot lane champion. It doesn’t really give much info other than some hand signs and watery effects. BigBadBear (@BigBadBear), known for leaks that came true, predicted that the next bot lane ADC will be a melee champion.


Another trusted source, Ryscu (@Ryscu), released a video supporting that prediction and said that the champion would be like a ‘Water Yasuo.’ One of her main abilities will be similar to Yasuo’s Q. And like Yasuo, she will be able to cast it three times, but the hitbox will change for each cast.

Her other abilities are still unknown, but to play in the bot lane as a melee champion, she will need dashes, cc, or abilities that synergize well with a lane partner. Otherwise, people will just play her in the solo lanes.

YouTube video

Release Date

The release date for this champion is hard to predict as Bel’veth isn’t out yet. So, the next ADC champion could take five or even more patches to come out.

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.