League of Legends Star Guardian Nilah Skin: Splash Art, Price, Release Date, and More

Riot just revealed the upcoming melee bot lane champion, Nilah. Now, fans got a glimpse of her first skin, Star Guardian Nilah.

The biggest League of Legends event of the year, Star Guardian 2022, is almost here. There will be at least nine new skins that will join the Star Guardian Universe. Riot planned for the new bot lane champion, Nilah, to be released during the Star Guardian event, where she will have a Star Guardian skin as her first skin.

Nilah is an interesting champion as she will be the first melee champion intended to be played as an ADC. Nilah’s abilities and splash art have already been revealed. Her game looks crazy with dashes and long-range melee attacks like Thresh. She also has an ability that dodges all incoming basic attacks briefly.

Star Guardian Nilah Skin

Star Guardian Nilah has already been revealed. SkinSpotlights shared the new splash art at the end of the Nilah abilities video. But the gameplay isn’t revealed yet. Fans should also get to see the other Star Guardian skins pretty soon.

Star Guardian Nilah Splash Art

Star Guardian Nilah Splash Art
Star Guardian Nilah, Image Via Riot Games


Star Guardian Nilah should be an Epic tier skin and will set you back 1350 RP.

Release Date

Star Guardian Nilah will come out along with the release of Nilah. As everything is already revealed, Nilah and the Star Guardian Nilah skin should come out on Patch 12.13, July 14, 2022, with the release of the Star Guardian Event.

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