League of Legends: How To Report Players In-Game

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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It is now possible to report players in-game; let’s find out how.

Toxicity is a big problem when it comes to online gaming. Almost all online games have some toxicity issues, and League of Legends is no exception. But among all these online games, it seems League of Legends has the biggest issues when it comes to toxicity.

League of Legends is notorious for having one of the most toxic communities. Many players of the game fall victim to flaming, trolling, griefing, and harassment on a daily basis. Over the years, Riot Games have taken measures to stop toxicity by implementing measures such as the Honour System, The Tribunal, and so on. But the most effective way to combat toxicity still remains the report system.

The report system allows players to report toxic behavior and, depending on the level of toxicity, punishes them accordingly. The system is an excellent option for weeding out toxicity, but the system has some problems. One of its biggest problems was the window for reporting a player. Toxic players could only be reported after a game and only in the post-game lobby. If someone disconnected or accidentally closed the client, there was no other way to report the player in question.

But recently, Riot has stepped up its game when it comes to the reporting system. They have implemented features that let players report toxic behavior easily. Now the report system can be used in Champion Select, Post game, and even In-Game.

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Reporting Toxic Behaviour

Reporting toxic players is the easiest approach to ensure that they are dealt with. By reporting a player, Riot’s automated system can find these people and penalize them appropriately.

That being stated, there are just a few ways to report toxic behavior, lets find out how.

1. Report During Matchmaking

One of the most frustrating parts of playing League of Legends is getting toxic teammates, and it’s especially frustrating when players start flaming, refusing to play their roles, or even taking the whole lobby hostage in champion select. That is why Riot implemented a feature where players are able to report toxic behaviors in champion selection.

Here is how you can report a player during Champion Select,

  • During Champion Select, right-click on the person you want to report.
  • A prompt for reporting should come up. Click on it.
  • Report said player for his behavior and done.
Report 1

2. In-Game Report

Riot has also added the option to report in-game. Players are now able to report toxicity from the scoreboard by pressing the report button in-game.

  • In-Game, press Tab to bring out the scoreboard.
  • Now there should be a report option beside their name.
  • Report them for their respective toxic behavior and Submit.
Report 2

3. Report From Match History

In case you forgot to report a player in both instances, you can look up your match history and report from there.

  • Go to your match history.
  • Right-click on the player you wish to report.
  • Select report, and Voilà! You have successfully reported the player.
Report 3

In conclusion, following these steps should allow you to effectively report toxic players and keep League of Legends free from toxicity.

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