League of Legends Players will Get Updated Borders in 2022

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Image Via Riot Games & @SkinSpotlights

Other than rank borders, League players also get borders depending on their level. The account level borders have now been updated in the PBE and will soon hit the live servers.

League used to have a level 30 cap on account. Basically, you needed to hit level 30 to unlock every rune and mastery slot before being able to play ranked. In 2018, the level cap was removed, and players can now play with complete rune pages from level 1. But to play ranked, reaching level 30 is still a requirement.

Depending on the account level, players get new borders every 25 levels going up to level 500. It shows up on your profile and when you are in the lobby if you have it selected.

LoL Updated Borders

The borders have been updated on the PBE server already. SkinSpotlights (@SkinSpotlights) tweeted an image showing all the updated borders.

They also shared a video showcasing all the changes compared to the older borders. It shows old and new borders side by side for all the levels. From the looks of things, the borders look a lot cleaner and more detailed than before. The old borders were a bit on the loud side with a lot going on. But new borders look simpler but better.

This is the first time Riot is changing the borders after its initial release about four years ago. And it is a big change to complement the overhaul of the League client over the years to make everything look clean and modern.

YouTube video

When will New Borders be Released?

The new borders will likely be released with patch 12.7 scheduled for April 13, 2022. But this is still in the PBE servers and is subject to change.

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.