League of Legends Emote Wheel is Getting a Rework

Riot is planning on reworking the Emote Wheel.

League of Legends is a multiplayer game, and like most games of this genre, it requires good communication. But League has little ways of communicating and expressing emotions other than typing in chat. Also, the game does not have voice chat functionality.

To solve the problem, Riot, in patch 7.18, added the emote wheel. The Emote Wheel was initially introduced by Riot as a form of communication, but as time passed, it became more of a tool for banter among players. But Riot embraced this fact and added tons of meme-worthy emotes.

It has been a few years since then, and Riot has added over 300 emotes to the game. So players want a bigger emote wheel to be added to the game.

So in their Preseason 2023: Preview post on Reddit, Riot has revealed that they will be adding a bigger Emote Wheel.

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Emote Wheel Rework

According to the Rioter, BarackProbama, the Emote Wheel Rework is still in its planning phase. So we don’t actually have many details to go on.

But based on the new Ping Wheel rework, we can guess some of the stuff we are getting. We will likely be getting a bigger Emote Wheel with at least eight or nine emote slots. We might also get more emote slots based on the current game state.

It would also be nice if they would add multiple rotating emote wheels like what Fortnite currently has. Some players are also asking for a plan to re-sort emotes by champion.

As we do not have much information about the Emote Wheel Rework, we will have to wait and see what Riot has in store for us.

Release Date

We do not know when it will be released as the Emote Wheel Rework is currently in its planning phase. But we believe it will be coming early next year.

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