LCS Spring 2021 Week 3 Power Rankings

Shadman Sabik Zaim
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With a good sample size of games done and dusted in the LCS, here is our power rankings going into Week 3 of Spring 2021.

LCS is the last league to kick off their split thus far. While they did start late, a lot of the traits we saw in Lock-In are surfaced in the last 2 weeks. With the enchanter innovation from C9 to the downfall of TSM, things look just about the same for the LCS. LCS also looks particularly slow as a league in terms of playstyle compared to the rest of the leagues ongoing. Nevertheless, let’s talk about our power rankings going into week 3 of the Spring split.

Week 3 Power Rankings

While it’s still fairly early in the split, there are some teams to keep an eye on thus far. Thus far, we have seen some solid play from some teams and others simply not stepping up to the plate. Hence, here is our power rankings going into Week 3 of LCS Spring 2021.

LCS Spring 2021 Week 3 Power Rankings

The standings are pretty close but the strength of schedule separated teams for us. This is represented in the power rankings but the no.1 is pretty clear for the LCS at this moment.

1. 100 Thieves

100T is the best team in the LCS right now and there is no question about it. The first seed from Worlds 2021 is still progressing as a team. This time around, the team has started well despite the loss to Immortals. There should be no question that this team should be in the lead to go to the finals this split in the playoffs.

2. Team Liquid

TL comes in second on our list going into this weekend. Despite their loss to 100T, they bounced back winning three in a row including the win against C9. They are still not at full strength as CoreJJ still has not gotten his residency. Regardless of that, TL looks good enough to win games in the league going forward. However, when they get CoreJJ, it will be a huge boost for the team whenever that does happen.

3. Cloud9

C9 comes behind 100T and TL in our rankings. While they are the team that is innovating in the league with enchanter mid lane champions, it is still a work in progress. They beat EG but the game was very chippy and lost to TL. This team is going to get better over time as they get more practice and refine their ideology going forward.

4. Dignitas

DIG is continuing their ascension since Lock-In into the start of the split. The team has revitalized itself from last year and is showing how good they can be as a team. River’s acquisition has changed everything for this team as River himself is making a case as one of the best junglers in the LCS. They are an interesting team to keep an eye on as they start playing the prospective contenders in 100T, TL, and C9.

5. FlyQuest

FLY has started well at the start of this split. Their match against CLG was great to watch as to how they pulled the W there. 3-1 is an apt start for them as they beat the teams they would expect to beat and lost against a contender. For this team, it’s more of how do they do against their main competition in DIG, EG, etc. FLY vs DIG should be an interesting series to watch.

6. Evil Geniuses

EG had a relatively tough start on paper. Facing C9 and 100T early on is a bit of a bummer for a team that is going in the right direction. It’s about adjusting for them as they integrate a new mid-jungle duo into the team. The bright spot is that Danny and Vulcan have looked great in the bot lane. It’s all about progression for this team as they get better to challenge the top teams in the LCS.

7. Golden Guardians

GG are the deserved 7th spot in this list based on the last two weeks. Like FLY, they beat the teams they are supposed to beat and lost to the teams that are better than them on paper. Considering they do have a new jungler, it’s going to take a while for this team to gel. The following weeks will tell us how we should see GG as a team going forward.

8. Immortals

A roster that was put together to compete for a top 6 spot sits at eighth. At times, this team looks pretty good like how they looked against 100T. However, on other occasions, they look like they have no idea what to do. To be fair, they have a new coach and new players on the team. Perhaps what they need is time, and it’s fairly early in the split so the benefit of the doubt is applicable. It’s a pivotal few weeks coming for the team as that decided whether they are a top 6 team or not.

9. Counter Logic Gaming

A team that is a complete rebuild sits at ninth. Many would expect them to be 10th based on their roster, but they are completely new to this competition as they have little to no LCS experience. Rookies tend to struggle early on as they try to find their footing, so it’s expected for them to struggle. The best time to judge this team is later on in the split when they have enough game time together and so on. For now, sticking them near the bottom is best as they improve as a team.

10. TSM

You have to be shockingly bad if you are below CLG at the moment in the power rankings. Thus, that is TSM at the moment. In short words, they look abysmal. With all the offseason controversy with Bjergsen coming back from retirement and leaving, and the DoubleLift controversy and so on, it pretty much proves what TSM has been these last few years.

They are just incapable of putting together a roster and setting them up for success. The fact that they couldn’t get their two import players to NA for Lock-In was a massive problem considering that would mean they had no practice. Also, we aren’t even sure these signings are the right ones. So far Keaidou has looked good but the bot lane has looked dreadful and things are all over the place for the team.

Let’s just hope TSM gets their act together and give their fans what they deserve, a team that can compete.

In Conclusion

Thus, this is our ranking going into Week 3. LCS has been relatively close to the level they were last year despite games being a bit slower than usual. Let’s hope the LCS does ramp up as the weeks pass.

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