LCK Spring 2022 Week 4 Power Rankings

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LCK restarts after the break as the LCK is very wide open going into Week 4.

Unlike the last year or so, the LCK looks much more competitive. With a combination of teams rising and falling in play, the standings are really close in the LCK at the moment. Furthermore, this week we finally land on who is the top team of the LCK. Thus, let’s talk about our rankings going into Week 4 of the LCK Spring Split.

Week 4 Power Rankings

There is a fair bit of turnover compared to our week 2 power rankings. T1, Gen.G, and DK still remain at the top while there are many teams that are close in the middle of the rankings. Thus, there were a lot of changes made and this is what we landed on. Therefore, this is our list, and let’s talk about the teams briefly on the list.

LCK Spring 2022 Week 4 Power Rankings

1. T1

T1 is at the top of the league going into Week 4 of the split. They have had some great games and look like they are close to the level they were at the end of last season. However, there are still some parts of their style that they can patch up. Zeus has been decent, but he still has more room for improvement. Oner is playing well and following his trajectory from last year.

Not much needs to be said about the bot lane of T1 as they are in the lead of being the best bot lane in the LCK. Lastly, not much needs to be said about Faker as his track record speaks for itself. T1 is playing some good League of Legends and their macro is the most eye-catching part of their style thus far. They are playing their strongest opponent yet in Gen.G on Thursday, so they have to be at their A-game for that series.

2. Gen.G

Barring the upset against KT, this team was performing in the LCK with almost no blemishes. The supposed superteam created by management is clearly panning out thus far. They had their worst series against KT but given how they have played previous to that, it’s best to consider the loss an outlier.

What is amazing about Gen.G is how they win their games. It’s not really a Chovy show or a Ruler show, but rather the team rotates their focus and empowers different players in each game. Furthermore, they don’t even look like this is their peak as they have room to improve. Gen.G’s current style is just so different compared to their previous iterations that you just want this team to succeed.

It’s a versatile playstyle that the new coaches are trying to build, and it is trending in the right direction. Right now, Gen.G is a strong team and in the future, they could be much stronger than their current selves. When it all comes together, LCK is going to have to brace themselves for another dominant team in the league.


DK is kind of going through the motions with their new roster for this year. Unlike their previous iterations, DK does not look dominant at this moment. Based on previous voice comms and such, it seems Beryl and Ghost were the vocal players of the team. Now that they are gone, this team is going through a transformation in terms of shot-calling and integrating new players.

Also, their top side is weaker than in the past but their bot lane is certainly stronger. Thus, with them needing time to adapt to internal changes and changes in the meta, it will take a bit of time to be at their peak. The upcoming week is going to be a fairly easier time as they play two of the teams at the bottom.

4. DRX

Speaking of Beryl, DRX is fourth on our rankings. They started off really poorly but they also had a relatively tough schedule. With them firing their coach in a short period of time, they look like they have improved since that transpired. This is a very talented roster with an upside to challenge the top 3.

Deft is having a split for himself thus far as he is performing every series. The surrounding team is starting to click as everyone is adapting to playing with one another. The proof is in the last few series as they have looked significantly better. Let’s hope they keep this up going forward. However, not much can be expected from them this week as Pyosik and Kingen were both positive with COVID, thus ruled out for the week.

5. Nongshim RedForce

NS lands at 5th on our list but they are likely the strangest team in the LCK. Not only are they very good as a team but at times they can look just as bad. Particularly, when it comes to decision-making, it looks like the team is not entirely on the same page yet. Granted, these are 5 different players on the roster, what they need is time to fix that issue.

Individually, they are an interesting group of players. Ghost is showing a side that no one thought he had. He was counted out for so long and now, he is on a mission to prove everyone wrong. Every player on this team has something to prove, and hopefully, they will improve over time to be a strong team in the LCK. For now, they got a ways to go.

6. KT Rolster

KT is an interesting surprise this year given the changes they have made with the team. Their signature win against Gen.G proves they have a lot to show in the LCK arena. However, it might have just been a fluke barring Rascal. Rascal is on a tour to prove that he is way better than how people rated him. He got his revenge against Gen.G and is pretty much the raid boss of the top lane this split.

The other players on the team are complimenting him well so far. For this team, it’s more of how far they can go. It is a talented enough roster to make the playoffs but they cannot afford to slip up. Many teams are on their heels at the moment as it will turn into a dogfight for the last playoff spots.

7. Fredit Brion

BRO started off in a spectacular fashion but has fallen off a bit for now. Although in their defense, their schedule the past 2 weeks was brutal. Barring the series against KDF, they had to play T1, Gen.G, and DK already. However, Week 4 presents an opportunity for them to show how much they have improved.

Even in those lost series, they look like a stronger squad this year. UmTi is certainly making a case of being one of the best junglers in the LCK. The team also has a defined style that they play with considering they are not as talented as the rest of the teams. Good on them improving as a team and sticking to something that they are building there.

8. Hanwha Life Esports

HLE is one of those rebuilding teams in the LCK. However, they look better than what you would expect from a rebuilding team. They are very competitive in games and the roster moves they made are a step in the right direction. They are trending upwards and have a strong future ahead of them. Whether they can make a push for playoffs this split is a stretch but it is possible they do make it there.


Compared to last year, LSB has taken quite a few steps backward. Losing Summit and FATE has proved too much for this team to overcome. While Croco is undoubtedly an excellent jungler, this team is not quite there to compete at the highest levels. The role swap for Dove is taking time to gel together and Clozer is not quite at the level they had with FATE before. It’s a tough stretch for LSB but hopefully, they will come out of it stronger.

10. Kwangdong Freecs

Given their roster acquisitions and improvements, this team is a downright disaster at the moment. Even with potentially the best top laner in the LCK in Kiin, and a stronger mid laner in FATE, this team looks abysmal. Ellim has not been what the team has wanted thus far and Teddy and Hoit are still trying to figure out their duo style.

It’s a lot of negatives for this team thus far, and they have to turn it around sooner rather than later. For now, they do not look anywhere playoff-worthy and even look like the worst or 2nd worst team in the LCK.

Games To Watch This Week

LCK returns later today with a lot of interesting matches this week. The best ones to watch in our opinion are as follows:

  • NS vs BRO: A good series between two middle of the pack teams
  • T1 vs GEN: Probably the most anticipated series of the week across all leagues
  • BRO vs KT: Another series in the middle of the pack

Thus, this is what to look forward to this week from the LCK. The LCK kicks off later today with T1 vs HLE.

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