LCK Spring 2022 Playoffs Preview: DAMWON KIA vs Fredit Brion

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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The regular season is over as the LCK Spring 2022 Playoffs are set to kick off on the 23rd with DAMWON KIA vs Fredit Brion.

The LCK Spring 2022 regular season is over as T1 manages to complete an unbeaten season, making it the first team in history to do so. Also, Fredit Brion has reached the first LCK playoffs in the organization’s history. With all that said, the playoffs are starting from the 23rd with DK vs BRO as we preview the series.

DAMWON KIA vs Fredit Brion Preview

A few days after BRO qualified by beating DK, it couldn’t have been any better as both these teams are teeing up against one another in a series that is do-or-die for both teams. The game on Saturday is just a precursor to this series as we know what to expect. Let’s talk about the teams and their win conditions for the series.


DK are the favorites going into their series and rightfully so. Despite DK losing to BRO recently, they probably played their worst series that day. Coming into the playoff series, they will definitely be more motivated and want to take some revenge for the beating BRO gave them.

A difference for this team compared to their previous iterations is how much they focus bot side now with the addition of deokdam and Kellin. They have those movements to punish side lanes and their team fighting prowess. However, they are not really the peak DK we are used to seeing. Top lane is a big hole for the team and they are more inconsistent than in the past. Going against BRO, these are their win conditions.

  1. Getting Bot Lane Ahead
  2. Protecting Top Lane
  3. ShowMaker Roaming

Number one is obvious and that is DK’s biggest strength thus far. Their bot lane is one of the top 3 bot lanes in Korea and they utilize it really well. Against Hena and Delight, deokdam and Kellin will have to put their foot down and exert their influence in the lane.

Number two is also straightforward, Burdol struggled against Morgan. Thus, DK has to make sure they do not lose top side too hard. As long as Burdol can go even, they have a shot at winning any game as that also stops Morgan from snowballing that side of the map.

Number three mostly falls on drafting and individual outplays. ShowMaker has always been clutch for this team and he can make plays out of nowhere. Also, having better drafts or champions for him to play against Lava is going to be a big boost for this team. If he can do that, the roaming really helps the team as they can roam to the side lanes and get more advantages.

Thus, these are our win conditions for the team and going into the series on the 23rd.

Fredit Brion

BRO was projected as one of the worst teams in the LCK and they have proved us wrong. Morgan’s ascension along with UmTi and the rest stepping up, this team looks like a very solid team. In games they win, they look outstanding and are a threat if they can keep at that level. However, they are not the juggernaut that DK are based on the roster. Thus, here are our win conditions for BRO to win the series.

  1. Morgan dominating top lane
  2. Team being on the same page
  3. UmTi outplaying Canyon

Number one will be the main point for BRO as Morgan has been a completely different player compared to last year. His rise to being one of the best top laners in the LCK is one of the biggest reasons BRO is in the playoffs. Thus, they have to make sure he can dominate in lane against Burdol, who has been the DK’s weakness.

Number two will be a big factor as well as that is what BRO does best. They link up really well with each other and exemplify the teamwork aspect of League of Legends. They are very good at playing around objectives and their win conditions while being an aggressive team. That is one of the reasons it is easy to root for BRO as they are a fun team to watch.

UmTi is undoubtedly BRO’s best player and he has to be the one to take the bull by the horns. We all know the pedigree of Canyon and what he represents, but UmTi has been making a case for being a top 3 jungler in the LCK. He has always played well against Canyon and this is yet another moment for him to shine.

With all that said, BRO has a tough task ahead of them to beat DK in a best of five series despite their record against DK since they joined the LCK. Let’s move on to our predictions for the series.


For us, it should be a close series but DK should edge it out for just having the better players. It should it 3-2 in favor of DK in our opinion but there is a world where we can legitimately see BRO pulling this off. As mentioned earlier, BRO has a very good record against DK and that might have an impact on the series.

Although, we do have to point out that this is BRO’s first playoff series so nerves will also be a big factor. However, we have seen BRO rise up to the occasion so the series will be a fun one to watch. For DK, this is one step at a time to get to their goal, winning the LCK trophy and going to MSI. While they looked rocky in the regular season, this is the time for them to show up. The playoffs are where they prove that they are in that conversation to win the tournament.

We only await the series to kick off on Wednesday, 23rd of March, as DK vs BRO kicks off the LCK playoffs of Spring 2022.

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