LA Guerrillas Reveal the Best Killstreaks for Modern Warfare 2

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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LA Guerrillas have shared the best killstreaks for Modern Warfare 2. There are various playstyles in MW2, and the pros at LA Guerillas have picked the best ones.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is the direct sequel to MW19. The game shares almost every core mechanic. Like most in-game features, MW2 also shares the same killstreak pool with its predecessor. Killstreaks have been an integral part of every CoD game.

Players earn killstreaks by going on a kill chain. These killstreaks can be used in-game to gain the upper hand on other players. Most players struggle to pick the perfect killstreak as it does not suit their playstyle. Fortunately, pros at LA Guerillas have revealed the best killstreaks for each playstyle.

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Best Killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2 for Each Playstyle


Assassin playstyle is focused on a recon-based playstyle. Players with this playstyle focus on functioning based on map info. The whole team also benefits from this playstyle too.

Killstreaks: UAV, Counter UAV & Advanced UAV


UAV shares enemies’ pings with you and your whole team, making the amount of intel high during a match. Advanced UAV is the more advanced version of the UAV, it shares real-time enemy locations with the direction they are facing towards. On the contrary, counter UAVs can help you limit your enemies to get info from their recon killstreaks and by blurring their TACmap.


The slayer playstyle is for players who rack up loads of kills every match. These killstreaks can help players gain more eliminations in seconds on a kill-mongering run.

Killstreaks: Chopper Gunner, Gunship & Juggernaut


Chopper gunner is a killstreak that allows players to call in a helicopter with a machine gun and missiles. Gunship is the famous AC-130 which is also similar to the Chopper Gunner, except it moves in a straight direction. On the contrary, the Juggernaut provides players with an armoured suit and minigun players can use to blast their way through their enemies.

Team Player

Team players provide utility while making space for the team during objective game modes. The killstreaks in this pool can manage to make movement hard for the opposing team.

Killstreaks:  UAV, Care Package & Cruise Missile

Team Player

UAV shares enemies’ pings with you and your whole team, making the amount of intel high during a match. The care package provides a random killstreak when it is called in. Lastly, the cruise missile is a controllable killstreak that can clear out a space.


Balanced contains the best of the three worlds, these killstreaks are excellent for intel and making space.

Killstreaks: UAV, Chopper Gunner & Advanced UAV


So, these are the best killstreaks for each playstyle. Make sure to pick the killstreaks that suit you and breeze your way through your enemies with ease.

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