How to Get and Mine Knotroot in LEGO Fortnite

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Here is a comprehensive guide for learning how to get and use Knotroot materials, where to find them, and ways of crafting them into powerful weapons.

LEGO Fortnite is the newest game mode added to the game. This new mode changes Fortnite completely. Instead of trying to kill each other, the new LEGO game mode is a survival crafting game. So, in this game, you will search for different materials to build new machines and upgrade your gear so that you can take on stronger enemies in the game.

Among the many crafting materials you will gather, knotroot is one of the most basic. This material and the rod made from knotroot are critical materials in building many buildings in LEGO Fortnite. So here we have made a list showcasing everything you need to know about Knotroot in the game.

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Where to Find Knotroot in LEGO Fortnite

Knotroot is a type of root in LEGO Fortnite. Being a root, they are usually found in the underground. The best place to search for Knotroot for this reason is the caves. LEGO Fortnite has some intricate cave systems around the world. All you have to do is go into these cave systems and search for roots that are hanging from the walls. Once you find the hanging roots, collect them to get a knotroot in your inventory.

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How to Mine Knotroot

No tool can harvest knotroot. To harvest a knotroot, you will specifically need an axe. Before you go into the cave, make sure you have an uncommon forest axe equipped. Any lower-quality axe will not be able to harvest the roots.

The same goes for other tools. No other tools will be able to harvest the knotroot. So make sure you have an uncommon or higher quality axe in your inventory so that you can actually get the knotroot from the walls.

How to Use Knotroot in LEGO Fortnite

The knotroot you find in the world will mostly be used to make knotroot rods in the game. Knotroot rods can be made by inserting the knotroots into your lumber mills. Once you have a knotroot rod, a number of recipes will unlock for you to make and use. Here is everything you can make with knotroot rods:

credit: epic games
  • Uncommon Pickaxe: 3 Knotroot rods, 3 Bone
  • Uncommon Shovel: 3 Knotroot Rod, 1 Plank
  • Uncommon Longsword: 5 Knotroot Rod
  • Uncommon Recurve Crossbow: 8 Knotroot Rod, 1 Drawstring
  • Dynamite: 1 Blast Powder, 3 Knotroot Rod
  • Second Crafting Bench Upgrade: 12 Knotroot Rod, 15 Marble Slab, 6 Sand Claw, 3 Sand Shell

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