Kena: Bridge of Spirits: How To Solve The Fishing Shrine Puzzle

Kena: Bridge of Sprits is out now.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits can sometimes be challenging to finish due to its combat style and story. However, there are puzzles in the game that can also be tough to solve, and not just the combat. So, we have made a complete guide on how you can solve the Fishing Shrine Puzzle in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

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How to Solve The Fishing Shrine Puzzle:

Few hours into starting the game you will find yourself on your way to the Forgotten Woods. After you have a conversation with Rusu inside his house, you will have access to these puzzles. To help Taru, players will have to recover three things that connect his trauma. Moreover, these three things include unlocking a locked door, and this is where you need to solve the Fishing Shrine Puzzle.

This puzzle demands you to activate four different shrines through which you can obtain open this door. In fact, as you approach the area, you will see four unlit torches with crystals marked inside. All you have to do is shoot them to unlock the door. You can quickly solve this puzzle if you look at the number of candles in each direction.

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If you look carefully, there will be four candles in the back, three in the front right, two in the front left, and one in the back right. So this concludes the pattern of how you have to shoot the unlit torches to unlock the door. You can look at the pictures we have attached to get a better understanding of how you can solve this puzzle. Start with the direction where there is one candle and follow the path as the candles increase till you hit the 4th torch.

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