iShowSpeed Overjoyed after Receiving Huge Box of Gifts from Christiano Ronaldo

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: iShowSpeed YouTube

Popular YouTube star and streamer iShowSpeed recently was overcome with joy after receiving a huge box of gifts from Christiano Ronaldo’s brief brand CR7.

Darren Watkins Jr., more commonly known online as iShowSpeed, is a popular American YouTube, Streamer, and internet personality. During streams, he usually plays games like Fortnite, FIFA, Roblox, etc. But sometimes, he becomes the center of controversy for his shocking behaviors during these livestreams.

It is no secret that iShowSpeed is a major fan of Football Superstar Christiano Ronaldo. He has mentioned it countless times during his Livestreams. Recently, iShowSpeed traveled to Saudi Arabia to watch his favorite athlete play a friendly match against PSG. During this match, he also witnessed Christiano Ronaldo score a goal prompting a crazy celebration from Speed.

Following this, Christiano Ronaldo’s Briefs brand CR7 sent iShowSpeed a box of gifts which Speed opened during a Livestream.

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iShowSpeed Receives Gift from Christiano Ronaldo:

The video starts off with iShowSpeed saying,

“Ronaldo himself sent me a gift; I’m not even trolling bro. We got a gift from Christiano Ronaldo himself.”

The gift comes from Christiano Ronaldo’s underwear brand CR7. iShowSpeed then brings the box with the CR7 logo in front of the camera. Speed then opens up all the contents one by one and screams, “Ohhhhhhh” each time when he brings out a new item.

Speed then puts on a Christiano Ronaldo Brief and screams at the top of his lungs, “Sweet, Sweet, Cmon, Cmon”. Speed in his craziness then tries to pose for his viewers in the brief by flexing his muscles.

After some time Speed says, “I feel like Roandlo y’all. I’m even wearing the same underwear Ronaldo wears. This is the underwear Ronaldo puts on every day. My balls and his balls are touching each others”.

The previous few statements are not true. Ronaldo did not send iShowSpeed his used undies, but they are the same brand Ronaldo wears. But according to iShowSpeed, to him, it feels like the same underwear that Ronaldo wears.

Toward the end of the video Speed unboxed two bottles of aftershave lotion and screams after opening one. Saying, “Ronaldo gave me his n*t.” He then proceeds to pour it on his face in a very inappropriate manner.

Click on the video below to see the full video of iShowSpeed’s reaction to the gifts.

YouTube video

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