Is There Any Best Ending In The Quarry?

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Do you want to know how to save everyone and get the best ending in The Quarry? If the answer is yes, this guide is for you.

Like many other players, I wanted to experience the most satisfying conclusion in The Quarry, where all the main characters survive. Through trial and error across multiple playthroughs, I learned how to navigate the dangerous Hackett’s Quarry and prevent any counselor deaths.

Before I tell you anything about my journey, you need to know about The Quarry, and how I got the best possible ending. Now, what is The Quarry? The Quarry is a horror survival video game developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2K.

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Anecdote in The Quarry

It’s late summer, and Hackett’s Quarry youth camp has just waved goodbye to another season of fun-filled memories for its young campers. But the fun doesn’t stop for the ragtag group of teen counselors left behind to close up shop.

Tonight is their final evening together and without any kids or adults around, they plan on ending their summer jobs with an epic, rules-free party. Little do they know, their wild plans are about to spiral into a terrifying fight for survival amongst bloodthirsty creatures and sadistic locals.

Anecdote in The Quarry

In the thrilling, cinematic choose-your-own-adventure story of The Quarry, you determine the fates of all nine camp counselors. With danger and deadly decisions lurking behind every corner, the unpredictable choices you guide these teens toward will directly impact their odds of living to see the sunrise.

Friendships will be tested, relationships strained, and guts spilled across the remote forests of upstate New York. Will you have what it takes to combat the insidious evils emerging from Hackett’s Quarry to save as many counselors as possible before dawn?

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the key choices I made in each chapter to get the best ending where everyone makes it out alive.

How To Get The Best Ending In The Quarry

Making Backup Saves

Before starting a playthrough, I made sure to manually back up my save at the beginning of each chapter. This allowed me to easily retry any sections if I failed a quick time event (QTE) without restarting the entire game. Here’s how I did it:

  • I opened Windows Explorer and navigated to the game’s save file location.
  • Then I copied the files and pasted them in a separate folder.
  • By copying back these files later, I could roll back my progress chapter by chapter.
  • Doing this was essential, as even a single failed QTE could lead to a different ending.

Prologue Choices

When guiding Laura through the prologue, I focused on building trust with the police officer, Travis. I chose honest, friendly, and compliant dialogue options throughout their conversations. I also made sure to help Max when given the chance. These choices paved the way for a crucial alliance later on.

Chapter by Chapter Decisions

In the sections below, I’ve outlined the major choices I made within each chapter while highlighting key QTEs and hold breath events. I’ve kept story spoilers to a minimum but reading further will reveal story elements.

Chapter 1 Walkthrough

As Jacob:

  • When talking to Kaitlyn, choose the options: Playful, Mischievous, Brave
  • Break the fuel line of the minivan
  • Catch the phone during the QTE

As Abi:

  • Break into the cabin and pick up the teddy bear. Choose to keep it.
  • When talking to Emma, choose the Scenic Route option
Break into the cabin

As Dylan:

  • Nudge Nick
  • In the conversations, choose: Friendly, Supportive, Understanding

As Ryan:

  • Eavesdrop on Chris’s phone call
  • In the conversations, choose: Concerned, Apologetic, Inquisitive, Compliant, Insistent, Supportive, Reluctant
Eavesdrop on Chris's phone call

Chapter 2 Walkthrough

As Emma:

  • Take the shotgun in the store
  • Take the fireworks
  • Choose Affectionate when Jacob grabs the snacks
Take the shotgun in the store

As Dylan:

  • Don’t go down the hatch in Chris’s office
  • Interact with the shotgun on the wall

As Nick:

  • If you want the Tarot card, go down the Rocky Road path

As Ryan:

  • During the truth or dare, choose Dare and either Dylan or Kaitlyn for a kiss
During the truth or dare, choose Dare

Around the Campfire:

  • Interrupt
  • Choose Truth about Hackett
  • Choose Kaitlyn
  • Choose Mischievous

Chapter 3 Walkthrough

As Abi:

  • Help Nick when he gets attacked
  • Run, hold your breath, and don’t climb the tree
Help Nick when he gets attacked

As Jacob:

  • Flirt with Emma
  • If you took the rotor arm, choose to detangle from the debris underwater
  • Don’t throw dirt in the hunter’s face later

As Ryan:

  • Take the shortcuts
  • Shoot the hunter to rescue Nick
Shoot the hunter to rescue Nick

Chapter 4 Walkthrough

As Ryan:

  • Apply pressure to Nick’s wounds
  • Don’t shoot into the bushes (this would kill Jacob)

As Emma:

  • Search the bags in the treehouse first
  • Use the bear spray on the monster
  • Succeed at all QTEs
  • Block the door and use the trapdoor to escape
  • Reel the zipline slowly
Use the bear spray on the monster

As Dylan:

  • Give up the gun when prompted

Chapter 5 Walkthrough

As Nick/Abi:

  • Choose to hide and hold your breath when the hunter appears

As Ryan:

  • Use the chainsaw to cut off Dylan’s bitten hand
Use the chainsaw to cut off Dylan's bitten hand

Chapter 6 Walkthrough

As Jacob:

  • Hide and hold your breath when the monster appears
  • Pry open the bear trap on his leg

As Kaitlyn:

  • Intervene when Nick gets aggressive with Abi
  • Help Nick out of the pool
Help Nick out of the pool

As Abi:

  • Shoot Nick with the shotgun

As Emma:

  • Don’t run from the Hackett house, this leads to capture
  • Pick up the leftover fireworks for later

Chapter 7 Walkthrough

As Laura:

  • Find the syringe in the police station and hide it in the cell
  • Tranquilize Officer Travis with the syringe to knock him out
  • Escape with Max
Escape with Max

Chapter 8 Walkthrough

As Ryan:

  • Stop Laura from shooting Nick in the cage
  • Flip the breakers in this order: (1+2), Continue, (2+3)

Chapter 9 Walkthrough

As Laura:

  • Shoot Constance during the struggle over the gun

As Ryan:

  • Leave the knife in his wound
  • Hide in the cabinet, hold breath when Bobby returns
  • Allow Laura to bite him, this saves his life
  • Kill the werewolf Chris to break the Hackett curse
Kill the werewolf Chris to break the Hackett curse

Chapter 10 Walkthrough

As Max:

  • Choose to stay on the island

As Kaitlyn:

  • Use the silver bullets from Abi to shoot Caleb the werewolf
Use the silver bullets from Abi to shoot Caleb the werewolf

As Laura:

  • Give the vial of blood to Ryan
  • Shoot Silas the white wolf monster to break the curse and finish the game

By following all the guidance above across the 10 chapters, I was successfully able to save all nine counselors and survive Hackett’s Quarry with the best possible ending.

Abu Taher Tamim is a Staff Writer at GameRiv. He started playing video games when one of his uncles brought him a PS1, after it was launched. Since that day until now, he still play video games. As he loves video games so much, he became a gaming content writer.