Is Tahm Kench Getting High Noon Skin in 2022?

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Image Via Riot Games

Riot just revealed new High Noon skins for 2022. And they might have also accidentally or intentionally teased High Noon Tahm Kench skin.

Riot announced 2022 High Noon skins featuring Leona, Talon, Varus, Mordekaiser, and Katarina. Like the previous High Noon skins, the new ones also look fantastic. While everything looks good, there was a ‘not so hidden’ detail to Leona’s splash art that fans are going crazy about.

High Noon Leona, Tahm Kench
High Noon Leona, Image Via Riot Games

You can see Tahm Kench at Leona’s side in the splash art. Riot has done things like this numerous times. Many splash arts have other champions in the background. But usually, those are very subtle, maybe an outline or a shadowy figure.

But, Tahm Kench can be seen clearly in the new High Noon Leona’s splash art. And naturally, there is a lot of speculation. Fans are asking why Riot would include Tahm so clearly in the splash art if they don’t plan to release a high noon skin for him. Also, people think there might be a part two of High Noon skins coming soon that will include Tahm Kench and some other champions; High Noon Sion was leaked earlier so there’s a chance.

There’s no way to understand Riot’s intention with this, but it is clear that it wasn’t an accident. Maybe they initially planned to include Tahm Kench, but his Arcana skin came out recently and pushed High Noon Tahm Kench a little further. Many theories are circling the internet about this, especially on r/tahmkenchmains.

Whether or not Tahm Kench gets a High Noon skin, he sure looks fire in the High Noon theme.

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.