Is Palworld on Xbox Game Pass?

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Find out whether you can play Palworld with your Xbox Game Pass Subscription!

Developed by Pocket Pair, Palworld is a game where you aim to live peacefully alongside mysterious creatures known as Pals and also put your life on the line to fend off ruthless poaching syndicates. You can use your Pals to fight or can make them give you a helping hand on your farms and factories. Strangely enough, you can also sell them or eat them.

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Although Palworld might look like a game with no hostile creatures, that is certainly not the fact. That’s because the game is filled with vicious roaming poachers in every corner.

Moreover, food and essential resources are also scarce. So hop on your Pals and get ready to traverse the land, sea, and even the sky to see everything there is to see and face every danger thrown your way!

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service offered by Microsoft for its Xbox gaming platform. Having an active subscription will give you access to a large library of rotating games.

That said, the subscription often includes its first-party titles in the Xbox library on the first day of their release, meaning that subscribers can play new games without purchasing them individually.

Is Palworld Available on Xbox Game Pass?

Fortunately, Palworld is available on Xbox Game Pass from day one or launch day. Therefore, if you already have an active Xbox Gamepass subscription, then rest easy, as you’ll be able to play it right away! So, ready up your Pals with diverse sets of skills and go on an adventure of a lifetime!

Palworld Gamepass

Do know that the game is only available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S for the time being. So, if you’re someone with a PS4, PS5, or a Switch, then unfortunately, the developers mentioned that adding other platforms to the list is not a priority right now.

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