“I’m not scared of any region from what I’ve seen” – ScreaM on upcoming VCT Masters: Iceland

Team Liquid are the champions of VCT EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Finals and will go on to Masters Iceland. After their win, Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom was interviewed.

ScreaM is a well-known CSGO player and was famous for his insane 1 taps. After retiring from CSGO, he started to play VALORANT professionally and joined Team Liquid in August 2020. He started off as a Jett main for the team. But after the inclusion of Jamppi, Scream left his role to him as the team badly needed a dedicated Operator player. Since then Liquid has been performing extremely well being Runner’s up in VCT EU Stage 2 Challengers 2 and finally winning VCT EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Finals.

How strong do you think the other regions are?

After being crowned the champions of EMEA, ScreaM participated in an interview and was asked this question.

“They play a very different VALORANT from what we play in Europe. It’s going to be very interesting, but it will also be extremely difficult to play against them because they might do some stuff we are not used to and we might do things they don’t know about. But I’m not scared of any region from what I’ve seen.” – Scream answered.

Team Liquid takes the Global stage in Iceland starting on 24th May. Keep a lookout on our site as we will post information about the Qualifying teams, Brackets, Schedule, How to watch, and more.

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