The Hybrid Calibration Puzzle Solution: Spider-Man 2

Abir Hasan
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Solve the Calibration Puzzle in no time!

Marvel’s Spider Man 2 has brought forth the duo of Morales and Parker together in the same Universe, fighting villains in New York City. You will glide through the city using your webshooter and take down enemies in fierce combat. Besides solving crimes and fending off miscreants, you also showcase your character’s heightened intelligence. In one such mission, you visit the Emily May Foundation on a tour and help the scientists there with their experiments.

In the Heal the World mission, you will be tasked with helping scientist Dr. Foster create hybrid crops through genetic modification. You will have to solve a hybrid calibration puzzle containing plant genes through sequencing. The puzzle can be a tad confusing at first sight, but once you figure out the mechanism, it becomes very easy. So, without further ado, delve into our guide explaining the hybrid calibration puzzle solution in Spider-Man 2.

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The Hybrid Calibration Puzzle in Spider-Man 2

The Hybrid Calibration Puzzle Solution: Spider Man 2
Image Credit: Insomniac Games

To create new Hybrid crops, you will have to sequence the genes of a particular plant in a certain way. You will be provided with a number of Plant Attributes/genes to work with. These Attributes are genes shaped like Hexagons with a certain number of connectors lined on each side. Attributes types:

  • Sun
  • Leaf
  • Water
  • Hydrogen

So, in the task, you will be asked to slot the given genes in a preset template. You will have to slot a certain number of gene types(the number will be given as a condition) in the templates. You have to make sure the connectors of the genes align, which will complete a slotting. Once you slot all the prerequisite genes, you will complete the phase. 

There are three stages of the hybrid calibration puzzle you have to complete. The first two stages are pretty easy and work more as tutorials for the third one. In the final stage, you will have to carefully align the connectors and meet the Attribute prerequisites. 

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