How to Use the Fourth Equipment Slot in LEGO Fortnite

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Discover the exciting world of LEGO Fortnite, where players can engage in a variety of activities, from crafting items to exploring diverse biomes. Learn how to maximize your gameplay with the Glider, a valuable tool for safe and efficient travel. Dive into our guide on utilizing the fourth equipment slot in LEGO Fortnite.

LEGO Fortnite has a lot of activities to offer to the fans. From melting metal bars to crafting items to discovering the vast map of several biomes, there is a bit of everything to do for everyone. There are also several exciting mechanics present in the game. Using specific tools and these mechanics, the players can perform several acts that make their game much easier than usual.

The Fourth equipment slot in LEGO Fortnite is reserved for one such item, the Glider. No items other than the Glider can be stored in this slot. The glider can be extremely useful, especially when traveling through high grounds or mountain edges. Glider lets you fly around a bit, limiting the risk of you falling or taking any damage. Today’s guide will look at how to use the fourth equipment slot in LEGO Fortnite.

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Overview of Using the Fourth Equipment Slot in LEGO Fortnite

  • Upgrade crafting bench to level 2 (rare level) to unlock Glider
  • Gather materials to make Wool Fabric, Silk Fabric, and Flexwood Rod
  • Use Spinning Wheel to turn Silk and Wool into respective threads
  • Use Loom to turn threads into fabric
  • Obtain Flexwood Rods from Flexwood in Dry Valley biome with rare axe
  • Glider allows faster movement around the map
  • Open Glider in air by pressing jump button, close it by pressing jump button again

How To Get Glider In LEGO Fortnite

crafting a glider

To unlock the Glider, you must upgrade your crafting bench to at least level 2 (rare level). Once you reach this level, you will unlock several essential recipes, including the Glider. To craft a Glider, here are the ingredients that you need:

  • x4 Wool Fabric
  • x6 Silk Fabric
  • x8 Flexwood Rod

However, gathering the required materials will require you to grind a bit since none can be found as loot or material. You will have to gather several other ingredients to make the Wool Fabric, Silk Fabric, and Flexwood Rod and then use these to make the Glider.

At first, you will have to gather enough Silk and Wool and then turn them into Silk Thread and Wool Thread using the Spinning Wheel. After you have the threads, use the Loom to turn your silk threads into silk fabric and wool threads into wool fabric.

To get the Flexwood Rods, use the Flexwood on the Lumber Mill, which will provide you with Flexwood Rods. Flexwoods can only be found in the Dry Valley biome and need to be cut with a rare axe. With all the ingredients collected, choose a Glider from your recipe and then craft it.

How To Use The Fourth Equipment Slot (Glider)

Glider makes your movement around the map much easier, and allows you to move much faster. If you are tired of walking around the map, the Glider can be a helpful tool for you.

The Glider can only be used while you are in the air. The Glider controls are very simple; once you are in the air, press the jump button to open the Glider. If you want to close the Glider, press the jump button again, and it will close. But make sure you don’t close the glider while still a bit high from the ground, as this can be lethal.

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