How to Unlock the Half Bow and Longbow in Ghost of Tsushima

Abu Taher Tamim
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Do you want to know how to unlock the half bow and longbow in Ghost of Tsushima? If so, I’ve got the perfect guide to help you find them.

As the samurai Jin Sakai, you’ll start Ghost of Tsushima with only your katana and some light armor. But to take down the invading Mongol forces, you’ll need to acquire ranged weapons like the Half Bow and the powerful Longbow. Here’s how to get the half bow and longbow in Ghost of Tsushima.

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How to Get the Half Bow

The Half Bow is an essential weapon that you’ll obtain through natural story progression. After the prologue, you’ll want to head straight for Hiyoshi Springs in the east and take on “The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa” quest.

The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa Quest one of the cut screens
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During this quest line, you’ll meet the legendary archer Ishikawa who will entrust you with the Half Bow. This simple but effective bow fires quick shots at a decent range and can be upgraded several times.

Sensei Ishikawa in Ghost of Tsushima
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If you continue Ishikawa’s quest line after getting the bow, he’ll eventually teach you how to craft deadly Fire Arrows that can ignite enemies and terrain, amplifying your damage output.

Half Bow in Ghost of Tsushima
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How to Get the Longbow

Unlike the Half Bow, the Longbow is easy to miss if you plow ahead too quickly in Act 1. But you have to get this powerful weapon.

1. Obtain the “The Curse of Uchitsune” Mythic Tale Quest

The Curse of Uchitsune in Ghost of Tsushima
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  • After completing several key story quests in Act 1 like “The Warrior’s Code”, “The Tale of Lady Masako”, and “Blood on the Grass”, return to Hiyoshi Springs.
  • Speak to the musician NPC here, and he will give you the “The Curse of Uchitsune” Mythic Tale quest.

2. Follow the Trail of Purple Flowers

Follow the Trail of Purple Flowers
Image Credit: Sony
  • The musician will instruct you to follow a trail of purple flowers to find the legendary Longbow.
  • Leave Hiyoshi Springs and look for the first batch of purple flowers, which lead to a hidden cave entrance with a tree overhead.

3. Enter the Cave and Find the First Clue

Enter the Cave and Find the First Clue
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  • Go inside the cave, and you’ll find a hanging scroll/painting, which serves as the first clue pointing to a location up the northern coastline.

4. Head to the Island on the Northern Coast

Locate the Island
Image Credit: Sony
  • Travel north along the coast until you spot an island matching the painting’s imagery.
  • Swim across to the island and enter the cave there to find another hanging scroll/painting, the second clue.
The island up close
Image Credit: Sony

5. Follow the Second Clue to a Mountaintop

The Second Clue
Image Credit: Sony
  • The second clue points you to a nearby mountaintop surrounded by more purple flowers.

6. Claim the Longbow at the Altar

Uchitsune's longbow in Ghost of Tsushima
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  • At the top of the mountain, follow the last trail of purple flowers to an altar where the legendary Longbow awaits.
  • Interacting with the Longbow will trigger a curse and transport you to a realm to face a final challenge.

7. Defeat the Demon in a Duel

  • You must defeat a powerful demon/warrior in a one-on-one duel to fully claim the Longbow as your own.

8. Get the Longbow!

  • After winning the duel, you’ll obtain the powerful Longbow weapon which zooms in, has increased range/damage, and can fire Explosive Arrows.

Longbow Advantages

The Longbow is a significant upgrade over the Half Bow in terms of damage output and range. When drawn, it will automatically zoom in, allowing precise shots at great distances that can pierce even heavy armor.

You’ll also gain access to limited Explosive Arrows that create devastating area-of-effect damage, terrifying any enemies in the blast radius.

So while the Half Bow is handy for quick shots, invest some time into getting the Longbow as well for those long-range, high-damage archery needs.

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